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Persona Non Grata was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's repressed genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Ezio Auditore met Leonardo da Vinci and learned that Cristina Vespucci was attending Carnevale in Venice, with her husband Manfredo Soderini.


Ezio met Leonardo during Carnevale.

  • Leonardo: Ezio! I was hoping to see you tonight.
  • Ezio: I don't have much time. The Doge's party starts very soon.
  • Leonardo: Nevertheless, I have news. I hear Cristina Vespucci is in Venezia for Carnevale. Weren't the two of you close?
  • Ezio: Once...
  • Leonardo: Perhaps it would not have been better not to tell you. She's with her husband. She may not be too happy to see you.
  • Ezio: No... It's wonderful. It's Carnevale! With this mask, she need not even know it's me! I know just the way to draw her attention... Grazie, amico.

Leaving his good friend, Ezio searched for Cristina, and upon finding her, Ezio slipped a note he had written into her pocket.

  • Ezio: There... Now to await her at the rendezvous.

Ezio waited in a nearby alleyway for Cristina to arrive.

  • Ezio: Cristina...
  • Cristina: Manfredo! When did you get so romantic—
  • Ezio: Sshhh...

Ezio and Cristina kissed intimately, but after a moment, Cristina became suspicious and removed his mask.

Persona Non Grata 4

Cristina walking away from Ezio

  • Cristina: Ezio...? What the hell are you doing here!? How dare you—?
  • Ezio: Cristina... It's alright.
  • Cristina: Alright!? I haven't seen you in eight years!
  • Ezio: Sì... (Yes...) I was afraid you wouldn't come if I... just asked.
  • Cristina: You're right. I wouldn't have! Ezio... The last time I saw you, you kissed me in the alley— and then left me behind to get married!
  • Ezio: It was the right thing to do. He loved you.
  • Cristina: Who cares what he wanted? — I loved YOU. You had your second chance... Please, Ezio... Don't ever find me again.

After speaking her mind, Cristina hurriedly left.


Ezio impersonated Manfredo and saw Cristina again. However, upon realizing that he was not her husband, Cristina asked him to never to find her again.

Behind the scenes

"Persona non grata" is Latin for "an unwelcome person".[1]

This was the only memory of Cristina that did not take place in Florence.

If Ezio accessed this memory while wearing any outfit, he would not wear a mask.

Despite taking place during Sequence 9 of Assassin's Creed II, Ezio could still gain notoriety in Venice during this memory.

Although Cristina had seen Ezio's outfit multiple times, she showed no signs of recognizing it.



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