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Persian Puppetry was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


Kassandra met with Natakas in Patrai.


Kassandra located Natakas on the deck of a house overlooking the docks. She leaned against the post and smiled at him, and he motioned for her to crouch down beside him.

  • Natakas: Look.

They turned their attention to ship in front of them.

  • Natakas: A weapons demonstration.

A child sailed a small toy boat in a puddle. As she looked up, her eyes widened with fear. She grabbed her boat and fled from the imposing figure approaching the docks. Two adults cowered in fear as well while the soldiers stood at attention.

  • Soldier: We weren't expecting you, Tempest
  • The Tempest: My weapons, lieutenant. Where are they?

Two soldiers came to the lieutenant's side, and he glanced at them before answering, motioning towards the ship in dock.

  • Soldier: They're installed, but not tested.

The Tempest glanced at the ship.

  • The Tempest: Fire them.
  • Soldier: But it's not stable—
  • The Tempest: Fire. Them.

The soldiers looked at each other nervously. The lieutenant went to fire the weapons personally. She ordered to the other men.

  • The Tempest: You stay here.

They observed while the lieutenant got in position and gave the signal.

  • Soldier: F-Fire!

Plumes of fire erupted from the bow of the ship. After only a few seconds, the flames abruptly snuffed out as the fuel reserves caught fire, exploding violently and engulfing the deck in flames. The Tempest turned to the other soldiers barely containing her anger as the ship sank casually in the background.

  • The Tempest: Fix this. By tomorrow.
  • Greek Soldier: Y-yes, Admiral.
  • The Tempest: The Skylla awaits my return. But first, I will inspect your work in the shipyards and see what else you idiots have managed to mess up. Move!

They formed ranks and marched off.

  • Kassandra: The Tempest.
  • Natakas: This won't be easy. Especially if they get that weapon to work.

  • Kassandra: Ha! They couldn't even get it to work properly.
  • Natakas: It's only a matter of time before they succeed. We need to do something.

  • Kassandra: If they manage to harness that kind of power... the Adrestia might not be able to match it.
  • Natakas: I don't think a fleet could. We need to be a step ahead.

  • Kassandra: Sounds like you have a plan.
  • Natakas: We need to go after her. If we can end things here, we're all the better for it.

(Accept – "Let's get the Tempest.")

  • Kassandra: We need to catch her. Let's go to the shipyard.

Behind them, a man listened in on their conversation.

  • Natakas: It's not too far. Come on.

They traveled east through Patrai, overhearing some civilians chattering about the recent demonstration.

  • Child: My pater left to sell our goods on Delos, he was supposed to be back by now. Will he be in danger?
    They're blowing up ships. How will he get home?
  • Child: It'll be OK! I'm sure he'll be back soon.

Further down, a man complained about the exploding ships.

  • Civilian: What's going on here? How am I supposed to work with all this debris around?

A woman also complained about the harbor being shut down.

  • Civilian: You have no right shutting down our harbors.
  • Greek Soldier: This is for your own safety. The waters are a dangerous place to be now.

Outside the shipyard, a commander barked orders to the workers.

  • Commander: You heard the Tempest! Double all production and rebuild them from scratch.

Kassandra and Natakas walked inside.

  • Kassandra: The shipyard.
  • Natakas: The Tempest will be easier to find if we split up.

Natakas began his investigation, and Kassandra began hers. She inspected the tables inside the main gate of the shipyard.

  • Kassandra: Just food and kitchen supplies.

She proceeded to question some of the workers, starting with a man to the left.

  • Kassandra: The woman in charge. Do you know her?
  • Civilian: I—I don't know anything. Please leave me alone...

Kassandra sensed a disturbance.

  • Kassandra: Something doesn't feel right.

She turned through a nearby barn and overheard a panicking worker.

  • Worker: The Tempest can't find me... She'll kill me! The weapons aren't ready. They are not ready!

Near the lumber storage in the middle of the shipyard, Kassandra inquired with a man working with rope.

  • Kassandra: The woman who came by here. Where is she?
  • Civilian: She left... I hope. Poseidon save us...

She sensed the disturbance was a person.

  • Kassandra: Something is out there... Or someone.

Kassandra spoke to a woman crouching down by a pile of wood.

  • Kassandra: I'm looking for the woman who runs this place.
  • Civilian: The weapon is not ready. It's not! It's—

The woman began sobbing uncontrollably before she could finish her statement. Kassandra sensed the person was following her.

  • Kassandra: Someone is following me.

She spoke to a man near the dry-docks.

  • Kassandra: Have you seen the woman in charge here?
  • Civilian: Don't let them hear you. There are eyes and ears everywhere.

Having learned nothing, save for the fear the Tempest instills in ordinary people, Kassandra returned to Natakas.

  • Natakas: Kassandra. Quickly, over here!

Kassandra spoke to him.

  • Kassandra: I didn't find the Tempest.
  • Natakas: I found this—

He presented a bounty letter.

  • Natakas: The Order suspects we're here in Achaia. They've tasked the Tempest with capturing us.

Kassandra observed the open bounty and realized the implication.

  • Kassandra: We walked into a trap.
  • Natakas: Father. He'll need to hear about this. Quickly—

Natakas stopped himself. Both he and Kassandra noticed the man who was clearly following them.

  • Kassandra: We're being followed.
  • Natakas: No, we're being hunted.

He glanced over at a warehouse in the distance.

  • Natakas: There, that warehouse. I'll draw their attention and hide. You can take it from there.

  • Kassandra: Yes. Cause a scene and head to the warehouse. I'll stay back and see how many there are before making a move.

Natakas nodded in agreement.

  • Kassandra: Are you ready—

Natakas shoved her and shouted.

  • Natakas: How could you? I loved you! You monster. Don't come near me!

Kassandra was taken aback, then realized it made for an effective ruse.

  • Greek Soldier: Let's split up and look for her. She could be somewhere nearby.
  • Mercenary: The Eagle Bearer is no easy opponent. Be on your guard.

Natakas got into position while Kassandra assessed the number of enemies. She ambushed them at the opportune moment, and Natakas drew his weapons as well.

  • Natakas: Kassandra! You made it.
  • Kassandra: Just in time.

  • Kassandra: No. I'll run to the warehouse and get their attention.
  • Natakas: Have it your way... But don't leave me behind.
  • Kassandra: I won't. I want you to have my back.
  • Natakas: That's more like it. Go, go!

Kassandra charged in and attacked the guards. As they closed on her, Natakas flanked them.

  • Natakas: Is that all you've got?

Kassandra and Natakas defeated the guards and their stalker.

  • Kassandra: It's over.
  • Mercenary: You won't get away with this. The Tempest will hunt you down.

Kassandra held the stalker to a nearby post with her right hand and her spear to his neck with her left.

  • Kassandra: Tell me where the Tempest is... What's her plan?

The stalker laughed defiantly.

  • Mercenary: She's building a weapon to be installed on her ship, the Skylla.
    And she's locked down all of Achaia to trap you, Eagle Bearer. There's nowhere left to run.
    The Skylla will blow you out of the water. Her fleet will crush you!

Kassandra stepped back slowly as he continued laughing, letting down his guard. She thrust the spear deep into his gut and he fell to his knees, still defiant.

  • Mercenary: You'll never defeat her...
(Theatrics and Espionage incomplete)
Kassandra addressed Natakas.
  • Kassandra: Go. I'll see your father first, then meet you at the ship hideout.

The mercenary keeled over from blood loss and expired.

  • Kassandra: If the Tempest is looking for us, then destroying her fleet should get her attention.

She and Natakas turned to leave.

  • Natakas: They tried to trap us.
  • Kassandra: We almost had the Tempest.
  • Natakas: At least the Order has lost our scent. For now.
  • Kassandra: Be safe, Natakas. I'll see you later at the ship hideout.

Kassandra made her way to the docks and took the Adrestia out of port to attack the ships supporting the Tempest.

  • Kassandra: Let's destroy the patrols before they call for reinforcements.

She engaged the ships and overwhelmed them, sending them to the bottom of the sea.

  • Kassandra: Some fleet, Tempest.


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