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This article is about perks in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. You may be looking for perks in Assassin's Creed: Pirates.

Perks are gameplay benefits that could be unlocked by the Helix initiate through the completion of certain challenges as they relived the genetic memories of the Assassin twins Jacob and Evie Frye. However, they could also be unlocked by completing the same actions while controlling Lydia Frye in the World War I Simulation.

List of perks

  • Double Kill - Increases Lethality by 2 - Perform 40 two-people finishers.
  • Triple Kill - Increases Lethality by 2 - Perform 25 three-people finishers.
  • Quadra Kill - Increases Lethality by 2 - Perform 20 four-people finishers.
  • Combat Mastery - Slightly increases overall damage - Kill four enemies in less than 12 seconds, 25 times.
  • Absolutely Stunning - Increases stun duration by 25% - Break an enemy's guard 75 times.
  • No Touchbacks - Slightly increase overall damage - Hit enemies 20 times during the same conflict without being struck back, 25 times.
  • Headshot - Increases Critical Hit damage - Perform 50 headshots while free aiming.
  • Ledge Kill - Slightly increases the damage caused by contextual attacks - Kill an enemy with a contextual ledge finish 25 times.
  • Near Death Recovery - Speeds up health regeneration - Survive 50 fights after entering a critical state.
  • Multi-Counter Kill - Increases counter attack damage - Perform a Multi-Counter kill 50 times.
  • Fancy Moves - Increases damage caused by a gun or a knife when they're used in a combo - Perform a combo using a gun or knife 75 times.
  • Countershot - Increases the damage caused by a counter shot - Counter-shot two ranged attacks in less than 10 seconds, 25 times.
  • Brace for Impact - Slightly increases the damage when ramming another vehicle - Destroy 25 carriages by ramming them.
  • Road Rage - Increases the damage enemies receive when hit by a player-driven carriage - Kill two enemies with a carriage in less than 25 seconds.
  • London Drift - Increases the control of the vehicle while boosting - Turn five corners while drifting using the brake 75 times.
  • Gone Lawing - Increases the acceleration of police vehicles - Hijack a police carriage 50 times.
  • Riding Shotgun - Increases the damage caused by guns while driving - Shoot down 50 enemies while standing on top of a moving carriage.
  • Death by Rook - Slightly increases allies' hit points - Have Rooks kill 50 enemies.
  • Wanton Destruction - Increases the damage when ramming another vehicle - Destroy four objects in less than 15 seconds while driving, 75 times.
  • Double Air Assassinate - Slightly decreases the noise caused by assassinations - Double air assassinate two enemies 25 times.
  • Cover Assassinate - Slightly decreases the noise made while moving - Assassinate 75 enemies while using cover.
  • Shoot the Messenger - Lookouts take longer to detect you - Kill 15 alerted lookouts before they trigger an alarm.
  • Assassination - Lets the player perform Knockouts faster - Assassinate 120 enemies.
  • Electrifying - Increases Voltaic Bomb damage - Stun four enemies with a single Voltaic Bomb 50 times.
  • Vanish in Smoke - Allows Smoke Bombs to last longer - Use a smoke bomb to end combat, then vanish, 25 times.
  • Knife Kill - Increases throwing knife damage - Use a throwing knife to kill 75 enemies from cover.
  • Zipline Assassin - Slightly decreases the noise caused by assassinations - Assassinate 25 enemies from zipline.
  • Vanish - Allows the player to become anonymous faster after a conflict - Become anonymous after having entered combat, 25 times.
  • Flawless Fighter - Increases the time allowed to perform a counter attack - Kill four or more enemies in a single fight without being struck 50 times.

Jack the Ripper perks

The Helix Initiate could unlock five more perks as they relived Evie's memories during the events of the Autumn of Terror:

  • Fear of Ghosts - Anxious enemies are surprised when seeing Evie for the first time.
  • Thank You Ladies - The max number of prostitutes Evie can hire at the same time is increased by 1.
  • Shadowy Spikes - The scream of an impaled enemy is muffled for a few seconds.
  • Brutal Takedown - Enemies shooting at Evie during a Brutal Takedown have less chance of hitting her.
  • Efficient Fear Bomb - When looting a corpse, the chance of looting a Fear Bomb is increased by 30%.