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Perkin Warbeck (c. 1474 – 1499) was a member of the Templar Order in England, and a pretender to the English throne.

Part of a Yorkist Templar plot to claim the throne, Warbeck pretended to be the Duke of York. This attempt was preceded by another attempt by Lambert Simnel. Warbeck's attempt failed and he was later hanged.


Pretender to the throne[]

Perkin Warbeck pretended to be Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York in an attempt to claim the throne as part of a Yorkist Templar plot, conspiring alongside Margaret of York. Having previously thwarted Lambert Simnel's attempt to claim the throne, King Henry VII foiled the Templars' second plot, quelling Warbeck's uprisings. Warbeck was captured and later hanged on Henry VII's orders.[1][2]


Following his death, his connections to Margaret of York were discovered by Henry VII. Unable to do anything himself, he enlisted the help of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins to assassinate her, which they were able to in 1503.[1][2]

In 2015, the Templar Isabelle Ardant included his name on a list of known British Templars. This list was later unveiled by the Assassins Rebecca Crane and Shaun Hastings when they infiltrated Ardant's office to plant a bug.[3]