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Perina di Bastian was a member of Antonio de Magianis' Thieves Guild and the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins who lived during the Renaissance.


Early Activities

Born in Venice during the Renaissance, Perina was a daredevil burglar and con artist who adored flamboyant disguises and loved being the center of attention. She was particular known for her skills at misdirection and sleight of hand which, paired with her costumes, raised her cons to an art form. The carnival-like atmosphere of Venetian masquerades made it her favorite hunting grounds, as she would wear a Hellequin costume to easily blend into the crowd. This allowed her to prey on the partying nobility.[1]

As Perina had a penchant for being the center of attention, she preferred to work alone and disliked having to share the limelight. Her antics however caught the attention of the Venetian Thieves' Guild leader Antonio de Magianis, who also worked on the same target during one of her deception attempts. As a result of conflict between the two, both of their cons failed.[1]

Antonio was initially annoyed at Perina's interference, but he quickly realized the value that her unique skills would provide, inviting her to join his Thieves' Guild. Although Perina rejected his offer, Antonion continued to kept a close eye on her activities. When one of her jobs was about to go bad, Antonio stepped in and helped her to complete the mission.[1]

Realizing the value of having co-conspirators, Perina willingly joined the Guild and became a close friend of Antonio. Her flamboyant personality became a source of entertainment for Antonio, and she would often flirt with him by claiming his luxurious mustache had captured her heart.[1]

Mission in Florence

As Antonio was also a member of the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins, Perina soon followed in his footsteps and joined the Brotherhood as well. In 1493, Perina and fellow Assassin Corvo Antonelli were sent to assist the Master Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze in Florence, where the Italian Templars had attempted to reestablish their influence.[2]

While Corvo ran off to confront the Templars on his own, Perina traveled to an abandoned mansion belonging to the family of Bonacolto Contarini, a member of the Italian Rite of the Templar Order. Infiltrating the mansion, Perina later encountered the Spanish Assassins led by Aguilar de Nerha. Perina handed the notes she had found to Aguilar, informing of Corvo's possible abduction.[3]

After rescuing Corvo and eliminating Bonacolto's lieutenants, the Spanish Assassins returned and enlisted the help of both Perina and Corvo. Together they stormed the Contarini keep eager to see justice done. Perina, leaving the stabbing to her allies went off on her own, as did Corvo. When Perina and Corvo regrouped with the others, they were disappointed to see Bonacolto had died not at their hands. When informed that Bonacolto was backed by a larger force, Perina countered that they had lost the city and they were prepared for them.[4]

Behind the scenes

Perina di Bastian is a character appearing in Assassin's Creed: Rebellion, introduced in the Helix Rift Event A War in the Shadows. She shares her character design with the French Templar Caha and the Hellequin Animi Avatar in Abstergo Industries' primary stage of the Animi Training Program.

Perina is derived from the Latin Petra and the Ancient Greek πέτρᾱ (pétrā) "stone; rock", figurative meaning: solid, strong and resolute. di Bastian is the short-form derivation of "son/descendant of Sebastian".



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