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The Periclean Circle was a group comprising of several intellectuals were affiliated with the Athenian statesman Perikles.

Originally consisting of Perikles' closest friends and colleagues, the group later came into include the misthios Kassandra, whom Herodotos had met in the Sanctuary of Delphi.


After Perikles' death at the hands of Deimos in 429 BCE during the plague, his opponent Kleon, secretly a Sage of the Cult of Kosmos, took power in Athens and the group was seemingly disbanded.[1]

In 425 to 424 BCE, the group reconvened and worked with the Kassandra to discredit Kleon and bring him down.[2]

In the year following the battle of Amphipolis and the deaths of Kleon and Brasidas, the group, with Nicias as its spokesman, spearheaded the proposal of Athens engaging Sparta in peace-talks.[3]