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Perchance to Dream was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


With the blessing of Thoth the true witness of the Gods, Besa helps Bayek understand his time in the afterlife.


Bayek spoke to Besa in his shop in Thebes.

  • Besa: Bayek, I saw you in my slumbers. You alone have returned from the Duat.
  • Bayek: You saw this? Het and his wife, Ramesses' son, Khui's gods... Septimius. I... was there, but I didn't truly understand.
  • Besa: Then perhaps with the blessing of Thoth I can guide you thorough the chaos. A warrior, answering Anubis' call, sacrificing love for duty. But you and your beloved will not be parted in the eternal fields. A son defiant, refusing to walk the path gouged in the sand by his father's feet. A leader is not a tyrant, Bayek. Caesar, Ptolemy, Flavius, oppression, fear... You may work in the dark but you serve the light. An old man, forsaken and fearful. But every day you honor the gods, in your words, your deeds. Their lessons cannot slip through your fingers like a thousand grains of sand. The foul heart, corrupt, fetid. This is not your fate. You will enter the Duat without your enemy, Bayek and you will find serenity.
  • Bayek: Thank you, Besa, this is a comfort.


Bayek spoke to Besa, who helped him to decipher his time in the afterlife.


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