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"Barnabas told me about The Arena. I should give it a go."
ACOD Pephka Arena outside

The Pephka Arena cove

The Pephka Arena was a gladiatorial arena located in a cove in the Pirate Point region of Pephka, Greece.


Following the end of the Greco-Persian Wars, Maion established the Arena together with his friend Skoura. While Maion served as the announcer and the face of the Arena, Skoura fought there.[1]

Throughout the decades the Arena was widely popular, attracting both spectators and fighters throughout Greece. Occasionally, Maion and Skoura sent out letters to notable mercenaries, like Talos the Stone-Fist.[1] The Arena also drew in Belos, a famous Spartan champion and a member of the Heroes of the Cult branch of the Cult of Kosmos.[2]

Outside the entrance to the Arena proper was a monument for the ruling five heroes of the Arena.[3]

In around 431 BCE, the Spartan misthios Kassandra learned of the arena after finding an invitation on the corpse of Talos, a mercenary hired to kill her. Kassandra subsequently participated in the arena's challenges during the Peloponnesian War, meeting both Maion and Skoura.[1]




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