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Pedro Llorente.

Pedro Llorente was the Spanish Inquisition's Calficador. Ezio Auditore da Firenze was told to find him by Raphael Sanchez, a Spanish Assassin. Ezio learned here that Rodrigo Borgia ordered Tomas Torquemada to capture all of the Assassins. Pedro didn't seem to know anything about the Templars, but was assassinated by Ezio for both acting as an unknowing ally to the Templars and for killing an Assassin. [1]

Final words

Ezio assassinating Pedro.

Pedro: What's this? You're not allowed in here!

Ezio: Excuse my intrusion, but I was told you might know how to get me in contact with the Templars.

Pedro: The Templars? Surely you're joking, young man. The Templars were disgraced and disbanded two centuries ago. Rumors of their continued activities are as reliable as fairy tales...

Ezio: That's a shame, Padre... if they don't exist they won't be able to save you... (Ezio forces his hidden blade into Pedro, killing him).


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