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ACO Peasant's Scepter

Peasant's Scepter

A Peasant's Scepter was a robust scepter typically used by peasants in Egypt during the Ptolemaic dynasty.


Not a true scepter per se, the Peasant's Scepter was little more than a simple stick with one end enlarged in the shape of a flattened gunstock that could effectively be used as a club. The staff was wrapped in leather cords and could be adapted for as a rudimentary weapon for self-defense. Because of the thin profile of the "stock", the staff was actually sharp enough to inflict minor cuts.


As its name suggests, Peasant's Scepters were commonly carved by Egyptian farmers living in the countryside in the pharaohic days. Although the staves were not powerful weapons, they provided some form of protection for individuals to poor to afford swords and spears. The Siwan Scepter was a particular Peasant's Scepter that was crafted in the remote village of Siwa.

Weapon statistics

Rarity Quality (Max Level 55) Damage (Max Level 55) Attributes Availability
Common 114 363 Combo Multiplier II Blacksmith, Loot



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