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This article is about a genetic memory of Bayek. You may be looking for the genetic memory of Ezio Auditore.
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Pax Romana was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Something approaching peace has been restored in the Roman province of Kyrenaika. So Bayek returns to see some of the people he helped along the way.


  • Bayek: I wonder how Diocles is faring?

Bayek visited Diocles in the Agora of Cyrene, finding him speaking with Simonides.

  • Diocles: I'm no actor, Simonides.
  • Simonides: And I'm no playwright, but in vino veritas (in wine there is truth), Diocles!

Bayek approached them.

  • Diocles: Bayek my friend! We were just talking about you.
  • Bayek: Should I be worried?
  • Diocles: No, no! Simonides wants me to play myself in a comedy he's written about Leander - The Laudable Triumph of the Luminaries of Cyrene.
  • Bayek: Catchy title.
  • Diocles: He'd be the first to admit it's drivel, but we're hoping a festival will restore some goodwill. To that end I have one last favor to ask...
  • Bayek: No acting required?
  • Diocles: Ha, ha, ha... Leander's villa should return back to the people, but without the deed that's impossible. The Romans won't let us search Leander's office at the Acropolis
  • Bayek: They will let me. I will find it.
  • Simonides: Bayek! Did you hear? I gave birth to an opus. It burst forth from my creative loins!
  • Bayek: You er...
  • Simonides: I wrote a play my dear fellow. Of our exploits! O' Meander, scourge of Cyrene, I Hiocles will stop your scurrilous schemes! Ha, ha, I changed the names no-one will know.
  • Bayek: My poet friend Phanos used a similar ploy in Alexandria.
  • Simonides: Ah, excellent, we poets are unified in our cleverness. Come, let us raise a cup of wine to our savior, the furious and fecund Dimonides! (not reciting) Hm... That one might be a little too much.

Bayek travelled to the Romam Akropolis and infiltrated the citadel. He travelled to the back of the Akropolis and entered a building. He found a secret hideaway.

  • Bayek: Where better to find the deed but hidden quarters?

He entered the hideaway and recovered a papyrus on a table.

  • Deed to Leander's Villa:
    The legal documents allowing Diocles to transfer the ownership of Leander's farm back to the people he stole it from.
  • Bayek: The villa papers! Diocles will be happy.

Bayek left the Akropolis and returned to Diocles.

  • Bayek: The deed is yours Diocles.
  • Diocles: The people had lost faith in us magistrates. This will restore a lot of it.
  • Bayek: You will win hearts and minds Diocles, with actions.
  • Diocles: Vitruvius is a friend of yours, yes? A visiting merchant said he saw him on the road near the citadel and he appeared to be in trouble.
  • Bayek: That architect is a good man.
  • Diocles: I've heard his public works have revitalized South Cyrenaica. I would love to meet him in person.
  • Bayek: Perhaps we can meet at the Oracle of Apollo? I will check on Vitruvius, that rare Roman dreamer.

Bayek reached the road near the citadel, searching for Vitruvius. He found him by the roadside.

  • Bayek: Vitruvius! Diocles told me you were attacked!
  • Vitruvius: On my way to the citadel. Some accursed marauders took my manuscript, my life's work, De Architecture.
  • Bayek: These are dangerous times, but I would not take bandits for scholars
  • Vitruvius: I dread to think what they'll do with it. Certainly not appreciate the function and form of the modern approach to architecture.
  • Bayek: Then I'll get it back before they use if for kindling, or worse.

Bayek travelled to the bandit hideout in the mountains. He eliminated the bandits and recovered the manuscript from one of them.

  • De Architectura: I dedicate this great work to the goddess Roma. In it, I Vitruvius will discuss the tenets of architecture. Architecture has three branches; building, dialing and mechanics. Building is divided into two parts. The first regulates the general plan of a city and its public buildings; the other relates to private buildings. Public buildings are for defense, religion and security of the public. Buildings for defense shelter the city's inhabitants against the attacks of an enemy.
  • Bayek: Vitruvius' book, saved for posterity. Knowledge in the wrong hands is a sad waste.

Bayek left the hideout and returned to Vitruvius at the aqueduct.

  • Vitruvius: You found it? Praise Jupiter!
  • Bayek: They were sad to lose it.
  • Vitruvius: (laughs) I'm sure they had already started using it to improve their rattrap! Thank you my friend, I will dedicate a chapter to you.
  • Bayek: I am honored. Actually my friend Diocles is very interested in reading it. I said we would meet him at the Oracle Shrine.
  • Vitruvius: A capital idea!
  • Bayek: I have someone I need to see and I will join you.

Vitruvius made his way to the Oracle.

  • Bayek: I should go and see Praxilla. Because she should be at this meeting of the great minds of Cyrene.

Bayek travelled to Praxilla's clinic in Balagrae.

  • Praxilla: Bayek! I heard what happened in Cyrene.
  • Bayek: It is done and my son Khemu is at peace.
  • Praxilla: Bayek, I did not think I would see you again! But I heard, Flavius is no more.
  • Bayek: It was a day I had long wished for. But how has it been in Balagrae?
  • Praxilla: Romans are co-operating more now that Melitta is gone.
  • Bayek: We will see about that. And your friend Crios?
  • Praxilla: I am teaching him the healing arts. But I sent him out a day ago to the east hills to gather herbs and he's not returned. I was just about to go look for him.
  • Bayek: I will find him, if you go to the Oracle Shrine? There is a friend there who would like to see you.
  • Praxilla: Is it... no I will not dare to hope.
  • Bayek: I will join you when I find Crios.

Praxilla made her way to the Oracle Shrine. Bayek travelled east of the clinic, looking for Crios. He found him standing on a cliff, surrounded by lions. Bayek eliminated the lions and climbed up the hill to speak to Crios.

  • Crios: You! You saved me before. I thought you were a dream! You are a friend of Praxilla's!
  • Bayek: You are making a habit of getting into trouble.
  • Crios: (laughs) Yes, the plant reveals what is in the seed... I will take more care in future. Thank you, protector.

Bayek travelled to the Oracle of Apollo, where he found Diocles, Praxilla and Vitruvius already chatting.

  • Vitruvius: Yes, yes Diocles, I understand your argument, but function should not be the only consideration. What of perfection of form, beauty for beauty's sake? It is obvious you appreciate that in other spheres, eh, Praxilla?
  • Praxilla: You are making him blush, Vitruvius.

Bayek approached them.

  • Diocles: You have brought us all together, Bayek.
  • Vitruvius: Cyrene's Triumvirate! Heralds of a new peace for this outpost of Rome.
  • Praxilla: Each thinks his own horizon is the limit of the worlds, but through you we found a greater purpose...
  • Diocles: And Praxilla and I are to be married.
  • Praxilla: Diocles! I have not said yes yet.
  • Vitruvius: If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. But, now a toast!
  • Praxilla: To Bayek and Cyrene!
  • Diocles: To peace and order.
  • Bayek: To love and weddings.
  • Vitruvius: (Go in Peace), Cyrenaica.

Diocles and Praxilla went to a corner.

  • Praxilla: So you will come back to Balagrae, with me?
  • Diocles: If that is where you want to build our home.
  • Praxilla: You could do a lot of good there.
  • Diocles: You already have, dearheart.


Bayek helped Diocles, Praxilla and Vitruvius with various errands, setting up a meeting atop the Oracle of Apollo.


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