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This article is about the memory of Ezio Auditore. You may be looking for the memory of Bayek.

Pax Romana was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.01.


After more than three years of searching for Cesare Borgia, Ezio Auditore finally found him at the Siege of Viana. Ezio then chased the former Captain General across the Spanish plains, and battled Cesare on the Viana Castle battlements.


Ezio charged at Cesare through a raging battlefield and attempted to stab him. However, Cesare caught Ezio's arm, and the two entered into a struggle.

Ezio forced Cesare down, but the Templar threw Ezio off of him. Despite this, Ezio still managed to graze Cesare's neck guard. Angered at the close call, Cesare called to his soldiers.

  • Cesare: Kill him! Kill the Assassin! Tear the maldito bastardo (old fucker) to pieces!
PaxR 1

Ezio fighting Cesare's men

Ezio fought several soldiers, until a Spanish cannonball hit close by. He was knocked unconscious, but awakened shortly after to find a body on top of him, which he rolled off.

  • Ezio: I need munitions.

Ezio began to loot dead soldiers.

  • Civilian: Help yourself! There's more than enough to go around.

After looting, Ezio climbed onto a stray, unarmored horse.

  • Ezio: Faster to travel by horse.

Ezio charged after Cesare, using his horse to jump across a large gap in a destroyed bridge. Not long afterwards, the animal was killed by a cannonball. Ezio continued along the path to find the ruins of a Vianan village, following which he sneaked past the Vianan soldiers that were on guard.

  • Soldier 1: Por favor. My legs. I am not able to stop the bleeding.
  • Soldier 2: I have done all I can, now you must trust in God.
  • Soldier 1: I'm afraid. Mis piernas. (My legs.) Mis piernas. (My legs.)
  • Soldier 2: Shhh. Think of all the coin you will be paid come the end of this battle.
  • Seeker: I heard Cesare Borgia commands the Navarrese.
  • Brute: ¿Quién? (Who?)
  • Seeker: He once ruled all of Roma.
  • Brute: What happened?
  • Seeker: I heard an assassin killed his supporters. Great rulers rise and fall like leaves in the wind.
  • Brute: I will give you wind.

Both soldiers laughed, and Ezio continued through the ruins until he reached an intact portion of it. While Navarrese and Vianan soldiers were fighting in the streets, a Spanish woman ran to Cesare and begged him for help.

  • Woman: Ayúdenme. Mi hijo. Mi hijo está herido. (Help me. My son. My son is wounded.)

Cesare nodded to a soldier, and then carried on walking into the village towards the fortress. Following this, two Navarrese soldiers pulled the woman aside, before one stabbed her with a dagger and the other spat on her corpse. Ezio chased after them, and saw some other women being chased by more of Cesare's soldiers.

  • Woman: ¡Déjame en paz! (Leave me alone!)
  • Soldier: I will not hurt you.

Ezio continued through, battling soldiers on his way.

  • Civilian: That is my house! Por favor! (Please!)

At one point, he heard a Navarrese priest attempting to dishearten the Vianans.

  • Priest: You brought this upon yourselves through sin. This is how the Lord punishes you. Ours is a just God, and this is justice. Praise the Lord! Thank you God for teaching us to be humble. To see our punishment for what it is, a call to spirituality. The Lord he giveth and the Lord he taketh away. So the truth is written. Amen!
  • Civilian: Run! Run!
PaxR 3

Ezio performing the Leap of Faith from the tower

Ezio climbed a burning siege tower, and saw soldiers jumping off of it as he climbed. However, the tower broke at the base, forcing him to perform a Leap of Faith as it collapsed. The Assassin then had to fight off attacking guards until he reached another, sturdier tower that was next to a wall, before he climbed it. Ezio then continued fighting his way along the wall to find Cesare finishing off two soldiers.

  • Ezio: Cesare! The walls surround you. There is nowhere to run.

Cesare turned to face Ezio and raised his sword.

  • Cesare: Come then, Ezio!

The two began fighting. Throughout the fight, soldiers rushed in to aid Cesare, and the Templar taunted Ezio.

  • Cesare: I cannot die. Fortuna (Fortune) will not fail me.
    I am the best fighter who ever lived.
    Stay back!
    Defeat will never taint me!
    An Auditore will never best me.
    Roma, Italia, España. They will all be mine.
    Take that!
    No matter what you do I will conquer all.
    Give up Auditore, you are no match for me.
    I will hunt and kill all those you hold dear.
PaxR 5

Ezio fighting Cesare on the battlements

Despite the seemingly endless waves of soldiers, Ezio managed to slowly whittle away Cesare's armor. Eventually, Ezio weakened Cesare enough so that he could jump on top of him and prepared to stab Cesare with his Hidden Blade.

  • Cesare: The throne was mine!
  • Ezio: Wanting something does not make it your right.
  • Cesare: What do you know?
  • Ezio: That a true leader empowers the people he rules.
  • Cesare: I will lead mankind into a new world!
  • Ezio: Che nessuno ricordi il tuo nome. (May no one remember your name.) Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace.)
  • Cesare: You cannot kill me! No man can murder me!
  • Ezio: Then I leave you in the hands of Fate!

Ezio threw Cesare from the Viana Castle battlements.


Cesare Borgia was killed during the Siege of Viana. Later, Ezio recollected how he had hidden the Apple in the Vault, giving Desmond Miles and his team of Assassins in 2012 the location to go and retrieve it.


  • Despite being Spanish, during combat, the guards used the same Italian dialogue as Roman guards.
  • As Desmond lacked the sufficient synchronization during the first attempt to access the memory, he was not able to hear the complete dialogue between Ezio and Cesare at the beginning. The words "The Apple you stole from" were removed, shortening the sentence to "Mario Auditore led me here". 
  • At the beginning of the memory, the first guards Ezio encountered were actually Borgia guards, not Navarrese or Viana guards. This was odd because the Borgia only had presence in Italy, and were no longer in control during the Siege of Viana.
  • Sometimes, Vianan soldiers can be seen fighting each other. This also happens to the Navarrese.
  • The soldiers here are noticeably more cowardly than those in Rome since most soldiers here are militia and will flee from Ezio when he kills a few of them.
  • A rare glitch occurs where after Ezio recovers from the impact of a nearby cannonball, there will be two Navarrese soldiers fighting a lone Vianan guard on the starting spot. Here, they are not labeled in any color in Eagle Vision and will ignore Ezio in everything he does. Ezio can walk through them as if they are ghosts, and they will remain in such a state unless the memory is reset.
  • Additionally, another rare glitch can also occur when Ezio recovers from the cannonball where there are three corpses that would still glow in eagle vision and would strangely react to Ezio if he loots the other bodies which would prevent Ezio from getting ammunition since they are marked as hostile. This can be fixed by resetting the memory.
  • Several Borgia-colored arquebusiers can be seen in the city's rooftops and will only provide firing support to the Navarrese if Ezio manages to bring them down.
  • The corpses of the two Vianan soldiers that Cesare kills disappear once he starts his fight with Ezio.
  • Pax Romana is Latin, meaning "Roman Peace".
  • Historically, Cesare's actual death was by being impaled with spears. His body was later stripped of everything, including his clothes and the mask with which he covered his syphilis-infected face. When his body was found, a red tile was all that remained, covering his genitals.



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