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Patrick (died 875), also known as The Anvil, was an Anglo-Saxon blacksmith and a member of the Order of the Ancients's Wardens of Wealth sect during 9th century, holding the title Palatinus. He was seen to work around his forge in Oxeneforda in western Oxenefordscire.


In his youth, Patrick showed promise by welding and creating fine blades at his father's forge and the Order took a good notice of his work. As an adult, Patrick became inducted into the Order as a master blacksmith. A descendant from the lords of Hwicce, Patrick created weapons for the Order and even commissioned them to each member's preference and specifications. Patrick took great pride and satisfaction in his creations. However, through time, Patrick grew angry and fed up with the mandates given to him by the Order. He fantasized and wanted out for him, his wife, and his children, even detailing an escape across the sea. Nevertheless, years went by and Patrick never actually pushed himself out that door.[1]

The Viking shieldmaiden Eivor Varinsdottir uncovered a clue, which gave the title, The Anvil. This clue led Eivor to investigate the smithy next to ruins on St. Albanes Abbey, in Oxenefordscire, just north of Lunden. Upon looking the occupation's business, Eivor came across a note on top of a table. This clue led to the location and the reveal of The Anvil: Patrick. The clue also led to his location, which was his own smithy in Oxeneforda, Oxenefordscire. Upon arriving in the city, Eivor wandered towards the town's forge and found the blacksmith working. Eivor then assassinated Patrick, ending his work for the Order.[1]


  • The first clue of The Anvil can be obtained from either assassinating The Scabbard or killing the Zealot Cudberct.
  • Like other Order members, Patrick plucked The Lathe into the Order, yet this borders on more of a fellowship rather than the general mentorship.
  • In his final conversation with Eivor in the Memory Corridor, Patrick allocated to building a boat for his family and himself to escape. He is one of few Order members that were tired of the Order and wanted to leave.