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Patricia Summersett

Patricia Summersett

Patricia Summersett is an American actress and voice actress based in Montreal, as well as the lead singer of the baroque pop band Summersett. She voiced and provided the motion capture for Hope Jensen and Galina Voronina.


Raised in Upper Michigan, Summersett often performed songs and skits with her three sisters when she was young. She initially pursued a career in competitive figure skating after graduating high school, but later decided to attend theatre school at Concordia University in Quebec, Canada.[1]

After furthering her training and receiving a Master's degree in Classical Acting from The Royal Central School in London, Summersett returned to Canada.[1] She has since appeared in a variety of theatric productions, including Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom, Trench Patterns and Equus, and television shows such as Sex and Ethnicity, 19-2 and Helix.[2]

In March 2012, Summersett formed a band with Nick Carpenter, Pierre Gaudreault, Sheila Hannigan, Ariane Gruet-Pelchat and Guillaume Perron. Initially titled Summersett Fred, the band's name was shortened to Summersett in 2014. They have performed across Canada, the US, in Russia and England.[3]

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