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"The charm he took belonged to my mother. It gave her strength and foresight, as it did her mother before her. As it did me. Without it, I am blind."
―Patience Gibbs on the charm's value, 1784.[src]

Patience handing over her charm

Patience Gibbs' charm was a Piece of Eden[1] owned by Patience's family, which was passed down from mother to daughter as an heirloom. It was said to give its user strength and foresight.


The charm had been passed down Patience's family for at least two generations before it fell into her hands. In 1784, the charm became the object of the Templar doctor Edmund Judge's desire. Due to the heirloom's powers, Patience managed to evade capture for some time, though she was eventually apprehended by Judge's men and imprisoned at Fort Washington.[2]

After a failed escape attempt, Patience was held at gunpoint and forced to hand over the artifact. She complied, but fooled Judge by giving him only part of the charm, rendering it useless. With the aid of the Assassin Aveline de Grandpré, Patience then tracked down the Templar and retrieved the missing piece.[2]

Powers and capabilities

The charm allowed its user to "see into all things" for a few seconds, allowing them to avoid danger or plan out a suitable course of action; Patience demonstrated the artifact's powers by using it to predict and complete Aveline's sentences before she could finish them.[2]