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Gérald: "Aveline, I've er... concocted a special instrument for you."
Aveline: "A... parasol? I suppose I should thank you but–"
Gérald: "Allow me to er... demonstrate. See? Elegant and deadly, just like my lady."
—Gérald Blanc and Aveline de Grandpré while testing the parasol gun.[src]

Parasol gun

The parasol gun was a weapon constructed by Gérald Blanc for Aveline de Grandpré to be used in conjunction with her lady disguise.

It was designed to appear like an ordinary parasol that any woman of taste and sophistication would carry throughout the streets of New Orleans. When not in use, Aveline hung it from her left side, where she would draw it with her right hand and open it over her head.

When in need, Aveline could use the mechanism built into the parasol's shaft to fire poison darts at her target. This was the only long-range weapon that Aveline had at her disposal while dressed as a lady, until she acquired the Pocket Pistol, which was small enough to hide in her bodice.