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Ezio using a parachute in Rome

A parachute is any fabric device carrying its user underneath that is utilized to slow a fall from any height by exploiting air resistance. Invented by the Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci, parachutes were first used by the Italian Brotherhood of Assassins in their operations. Since then, parachutes have been introduced to common society and are ubiquitously employed as a means by which people can be safely transported from great heights.


The first iterations of the device were devised by Assassin ally and polymath Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance sometime near the turn of the fifteenth century. His parachutes were square in shape, woven from cloth, and bore ropes for straps from which its user could hang from. While basic in design, lacking safety measures for its user such as a harness, and good for one use only, they were effective and allowed limited maneuverability for its users.[1]

In 1503, in gratitude to his friend, the Mentor of the Italian Brotherhood Ezio Auditore, for destroying all of the War Machines he had been forced to create for the House of Borgia, he offered them as an addition to Ezio's arsenal. Soon afterwards, Leonardo's parachutes were provided to the tailors of Rome, from which Ezio could purchase more at any time, along with larger bags that allowed him to carry up to fifteen at once. The parachutes were much appreciated by Ezio, who found them convenient in his missions, such as allowing him reach a better position for air assassinations.[1]

By 1511, parachute technology had reached the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins, a Guild that Ezio Auditore worked closely with. The Turkish Master Assassin Yusuf Tazim as well as three other Assassins used parachutes to cross the wall of Topkapı Palace. An Assassin apprentice of Ezio Auditore also used one during their assassination of Lysistrata. Most critically, on 25 April 1512 during a pursuit of Grand Master Ahmet of the Byzantine Rite of Templars, Ezio rapidly deployed a parachute to stay anchored to his carriage as he was thrown off. Towed by the carriage driven by his lover Sofia Sartor as he hung in the air by the parachute, Ezio was able to keep up the chase against his adversary.[2]

On 16 November 2012 while searching for a power source for the Grand Temple, the Assassin Desmond Miles deployed a parachute to safely guide himself to a nearby skyscraper as he leaped from the top of the incomplete Freedom Tower in New York City.[3]


  • Historically, Leonardo da Vinci was one of the first to design a parachute, detailing it in a sketch dated to c. 1485 in his Codex Atlanticus. However, there were concepts and sketches of contemporaries that predate his.
  • While Leonardo's parachute designs have been tested in the 21st century as feasible, they were never used during the Renaissance, since testing them would involve a person jumping off a building.
  • In Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, deploying a parachute while leaping off the Castel Sant'Angelo grants the "Fly Like An Eagle" achievement.
  • After downloading The Da Vinci Disappearance, the "Special Delivery" achievement is granted by executing a double air assassination from a parachute.
  • In Brotherhood, using the parachute momentarily and quickly releasing it will not consume any parachute supplies. However, this was not the case for Assassin's Creed: Revelations.
  • Entering a Lair of Romulus removes all the parachutes from Ezio's inventory, requiring him to visit a tailor and resupply. This was fixed in a patch, but still occurs during War Machine and Da Vinci Disappearance memories.
  • In Revelations, parachuting off the Galata Tower, and into the waters of the Golden Horn grants the "Almost Flying" achievement.
  • In Revelations, parachuting onto a zipline grants the "Show-Off" achievement.