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"This is a disaster! People have come from the Red Land and the Black to see him fight!"
―Menehet about Pamu, 48 BCE[src]

Pamu was the fighter chosen by the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu, Egypt to play the champion of the lion-goddess Sekhmet in the Festival of Sekhmet of 48 BCE. Too drunk for the role on the night of the performance, however, he was replaced by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa.


In 48 BCE, Pamu lived near the market of Yamu, a town on the coast of Lake Mareotis in Egypt centered around a Temple of Sekhmet. He was an acquaintance of the priest Menehet, and that year was selected as the temple's champion for their annual Festival of Sekhmet. Part of the celebrations involved an enactment of a duel between Sekhmet, a goddess of war, and Isfet, the god of chaos. The fight was a central tradition of the event, where it was said that a victory by Isfet would "condemn Yamu to a hundred seasons of darkness". Although officially, the outcome depended on the moral purity of the people, it was really determined, like with any fight, by the martial prowess of the combatants.[1]

As such, when Pamu, who had been cast to play Sekhmet's champion, passed out drunk at the tavern on the night of the duel, it was a disaster for the festival. His supervisor, the priest Menehet, would've especially been held accountable by the High Priest, and when Pamu went missing, Menehet asked his friend, the Medjay Bayek, to find Pamu. Finding the unconscious Pamu at the tavern just before the scheduled duel, Bayek carried him back to the temple before offering himself as Pamu's replacement. With Bayek's subsequent victory against the man playing the Champion of Isfet, the reputations of Menehet and the Festival were saved no thanks to Pamu.[1]

Personality and traits

"His passion for toasting Sekhmet has exceeded his head for drink."
―Bayek to Menehet about Pamu, 48 BCE[src]
An alcoholic, Pamu frequented the tavern of Yamu. His enjoyment of beer proved far too great for him as he could not resist downing more liquor than he could handle on the night of his critical performance in the midst of the lively festivities, essentially dooming all of Yamu according to its religious beliefs.[1]



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