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ACTC-Palmer Raids

Palmer Raids of 1919

The Palmer Raids were attempts by the United States Department of Justice to arrest and deport radical leftists, especially anarchists, from the United States. The arrests occurred throughout the United States in November 1919 and January 1920 under the direction of Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer. The Palmer Raids occurred during the social crisis of the Red Scare.

During the Palmer Raids of 1919, the federal agents invaded a bar where several Russian immigrant workers resided. Nikolai and Anna Orelov, and their daughter Nadya and son Innokenti, were caught in the middle of the raids, and Anna and Nadya were arrested. The Assassin Brotherhood, who had connections in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and which Nikolai was formerly a part of, secured Anna and Nadya's safe deportation back to Russia.


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