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The Palazzo Medici is a palace in the Italian city of Florence, former seat of the Medici family.


The palace was designed and completed by the architect Michelozzo, who was extensively employed by Cosimo de' Medici. It was supposedly designed according to the values of humanism, the dominant ideology of the Renaissance, which attempts to engage the viewer with structures built on a more human scale.[1]

Filippo Brunelleschi previously worked on the design on the palace including the courtyard, which would have led to a more open façade. However, his idea was ultimately rejected by Cosimo.[1]

During the Renaissance, the Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze rescued Lorenzo de' Medici from an attack by Francesco de' Pazzi outside of the Duomo and escorted him through the city's streets until the two arrived at the palace. Once inside, Ezio revealed his name to Lorenzo, who then asked him to assassinate Francesco before he could overrun the Palazzo della Signoria and kill the Medici supporters inside.[2]

Later, Ezio returned to save Lorenzo once again, this time from Pazzi soldiers who had broken into his home in retaliation for Francesco's assassination. After killing the invaders, Ezio finally located Lorenzo in a hidden room, assuring him that the threat had been dealt with. His reward for saving Lorenzo was access to a stash of florins located in a strong box.[2]

In 1480, after finding and eliminating all of the remaining Pazzi conspirators, Ezio met with Lorenzo in the courtyard, and received the Medici cape as a reward.[2]


  • Access to the courtyard and roof is only possible by using a glitch from a nearby viewpoint, though no textures exist inside the courtyard. Also, escape is impossible even with the "Climb Leap" technique.




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