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The Palace of Westminster, sometimes known as the House of Parliament, is the meeting place of the British Parliament in London.

Built alongside the Palace is the Clock Tower, home to Big Ben.


During the Renaissance, it housed a secret court known as the Star Chamber, named for the stars painted on the ceiling of the meeting room. There, members could try powerful members of society whom ordinary courts were incapable of convicting. King Henry VII offered the Italian Assassins a seat in the Chamber after they killed his enemy Margaret of York.[1]

In 1868, the Earl of Cardigan, a Conservative politician, veteran of the Crimean War, and Templar, was killed inside the palace by the Assassin Jacob Frye, a member of the local Brotherhood.[2] Later that year, following the death of the British Templar Crawford Starrick, Templars based in Boston, US attempted to blow up the Palace, but were thwarted by the Assassins, operating on behalf of the Order of the Sacred Garter.[3]





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