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Paint the Sand Red was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


To help Thaletas' efforts, Kassandra was tasked to hunt down Athenian polemarchoi, known as Tisandros, Polemion, and Neokles.


After Kassandra punched a hole in the Athenian fleet, she set about eliminating the commanders already on land. Ikaros located Polemion at the Leleges Military Camp south of Thaletas' camp.

  • Kassandra: There he is, hiding in plain sight.

She infiltrated the camp and slew him.

  • Kassandra: Even the gods couldn't save you, soldier.

From his body, she claimed a letter detailing orders to kill Neokles, the third polemarch, who had defected and hidden away on Delos, considered sacred land where murder was forbidden in all cases.

  • Kassandra: One general defected, and is hiding on Delos. These are orders to kill him.

As she made her way further south to the Suenites Quarry, Ikaros located Tisandros.

  • Kassandra: There's one. All the marble in Mykonos can't save you from my spear.

She slew him and uncovered the same orders.

  • Kassandra: Thaletas sends his regards.

In time, Kassandra made her way across the sea to the Farm of Elais on Delos to hunt down Neokles. Ikaros detected him hiding in one of the houses at the Farm of Elais.

  • Kassandra: Thought you could hide on Delos... Found you, coward.

As she made her way onto the farmstead, she noticed Athenian soldiers closing in.

  • Athenian Light Soldier: Neokles! You can't hide forever!
  • Athenian Light Soldier: We're going to find you, traitor!
  • Athenian Light Soldier: Think we won't spill your blood on Delos? Ha!
  • Kassandra: The commander has guards. But they're not there to protect him...

She carefully made her way into the house to confront Neokles. He was holding his side and was happy to see someone other than Athenians.

  • Neokles: Thank the gods. Those soldiers are blood hungry. They want me dead! They say I'm a deserter.
  • Kassandra: You look like a commander to me.
  • Neokles: I don't recognize our army anymore. The things they do in the name of duty...

  • Kassandra: I've been sent to kill you, and that's exactly what I'm going to do, maláka.
  • Neokles: Please! I beg the gods to forgive you for this!

Neokles defended himself, but Kassandra slew him.

  • Kassandra: One less Athenian on Delos.

  • Kassandra: You'll never survive on Delos. I have a ship. Can you fire a bow?
  • Neokles: I was an archer before I was a commander.
  • Kassandra: And now, you're an archer again. Find my ship, the Adrestia. A man named Barnabas will be waiting for you. He'll keep you safe.

Neokles exited the building and joined Kassandra's crew as a Lieutenant.

With the three polemarchoi more or less dealt with, Kassandra prepared to leave Delos and report back to Thaletas, only to find him and his men standing out in the open near the Sanctuary of Apollo.

  • Kassandra: Thaletas? What are you and your men doing out in the open?

They hugged each other from the side.

  • Thaletas: The Athenian cowards are too afraid to attack anyone on their sacred lands. We like coming here to taunt them.
  • Kassandra: Spartans... You're all the same.
  • Thaletas: I take that as a compliment.
  • Kassandra: You haven't asked me about the commanders.
  • Thaletas: I already heard. Their forces are in chaos, and soldiers are defecting. Sparta owes you. I owe you.

  • Kassandra: Careful. You never know what I'll ask for.
  • Thaletas: Ha! Try me.

  • Kassandra: We may die tomorrow. If I could ask for anything, I'd ask for tonight... with you.

Kassandra drew closer to Thaletas. The two kissed.

  • Thaletas: Kassandra, I...

Kassandra pulled his head close to hers.

  • Kassandra: Don't say anything. You have a battle to prepare for. And I have an Athenian army to weaken.

  • Kassandra: I'd ask for you, Thaletas. Now and forever by my side.
  • Kassandra drew closer to Thaletas. The two kissed.

    • Thaletas: Kassandra, I...

    Kassandra pulled his head close to hers.

    • Kassandra: Don't say anything. You have a battle to prepare for. And I have an Athenian army to weaken.

    • Kassandra: I would ask for Kyra.
    • Thaletas: Kyra...
    • Kassandra: And you. I want you both, Thaletas. I know the way you two feel about each other. But...

    Thaletas was visibly uncomfortable with the proposition.

    • Thaletas: Kassandra, I... Maybe we should focus on the war.
    • Kassandra: Spartans. All war and no play.

    (If players have not yet given Thaletas his helmet)

    • Kassandra: There's more. I also found your helmet.
    • Thaletas: Kassandra. I would have died many deaths if not for this. I owe you more than just thanks.

    Thaletas was overjoyed to have his father's helmet back. Kassandra returned to the topic at hand.

    • Kassandra: Focus, Thaletas. The end is in sight. The Delos Islands will be ours.

    (If romance conditions not met)

    • Thaletas: We're still outnumbered, but you haven't been wrong yet.

    Thaletas took leave of Kassandra.

    (If romance conditions met)

    • Thaletas: When you're not busy saving these islands, meet me on the beach, east of the Kynthos Ruins. There's something I want to show you. Look for the smoke.
    • Kassandra: I will.

    Thaletas headed north to prepare for a romantic rendezvous with Kassandra.


    • Hearts of War, the final quest for Thaletas, only becomes available if the conditions for his romance have been met:
    • It appears that a single Flirt option and/or returning his helmet is sufficient to fulfill the conditions.
    • This quest, along with the rest of Thaletas' questline, becomes unavailable after completing Call to Arms.
    • If the player opts to kill Neokles, is possible to knock him out with unarmed strikes or Paralyzing Arrows instead of killing him. This technically allows him to be recruited while also yielding the rewards for looting him after death (including an Epic-grade Spartan Javelin).


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