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Padiaset was a priest of Sobek who resided in Krokodilopolis during the 1st century.


Before he joined the priesthood, Padiaset was a fighter. He desired to escape the bloodshed, and after joining the cult of Sobek, rarely even mentioned those days.[1]

At some point, Padiaset found faith, along with Sehetep, and they joined the temple together. They both had difficulties fitting their former life with their new calling, but they both managed to rise in the ranks of priesthood. While Sehetep served in the main Temple of Sobek in the northern part of the city, and eventually gained the status of a High Priest, Padiaset served in the secondary temple in the southern part of the city.[2]

In 48 BCE, Padiaset uncovered a series of sacrilegious activities which took place in a tannery: large numbers of crocodiles were murdered and improperly mummified to be used as vessels for valuables and smuggled to the a military camp located south, in Uab Nome. However, Padiaset was caught by two soldiers, who brought him to a nearby shore to be executed. Before the execution could take place, Padiaset was rescued by the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, who had also found the illegal tannery. Padiaset provided Bayek with information on the cult, who used a trireme in Lake Moeris to smuggle the goods to the camp.[3]

Upon his return to his temple, Padiaset was ambushed by soldiers from the cult of Sobek. Padiaset was able to defend himself against the soldiers thanks to his former life, and he realized that his fellow priest and friend, Sehetep, was responsible and had attempted to silence him to end his meddling. When Bayek came to speak with Padiaset on what he had discovered in the camp, the priest was willing to go and kill Sehetep by himself. Bayek volunteered, as priest killing a priest would be very unseemly.[1]

After Bayek left to do the deed, Padiaset gathered other priests, and they came to the northern temple, as well. Padiaset thanked the Medjay for his part, and then moved with his companions to offer Sehetep's followers penance.[1]



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