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Pactyas (died c. 429 BCE), also known as the Huntsman, was a member of the Order of the Ancients in Persia during the 5th century BCE. As leader of the Order's Order of Hunters branch, he was tasked with hunting down and eliminating the "Tainted Ones".


Joining the Order

At some point in his life, Pactyas was rescued by a group of attackers who had knocked him out by a huge grey wolf. As he woke up, Pactyas saw the wolf licking gore off his now deceased attackers. Coming to the self-proclaimed conclusion that nature chose to preserve Pactyas' life, Pactyas donned the alias of the Huntsman and become a self proclaimed protector of nature.[1]

ACOD LotFB Artabanus Amorges Pactyas

Pactyas alongside Artabanus and Amorges

Later, Pactyas rosed to became a member of the Persian elite, alongside Artabanus and Amorges. They later formed a group to oppose King Xerxes I, whose tyrannical rule was backed by the Order of the Ancients, proto-Templar organization.[2] In 465 BCE, they succeeded in assassinating Xerxes when Artabnus killed him with a Hidden Blade.[3]

After Xerxes' death, his son Artaxerxes I ascended the throne and Artabanus, fearing his possible allyship with the Order, plotted his assassination, one which was foiled by Amorges. Amorges later defected to the Order and recruited Pactyas, claiming that Artabanus had betrayed them and Persia.[4]

Afterwards, Pactyas was appointed as the Magi of his own branch, hunting down his former comrade, who took on the name "Darius". In addition, he was assigned to hunt down the Tainted Ones, individuals who were directly descended from the Isu. By the 420s BCE, he had hunted a number of them throughout Persia and other regions.[4]

Pursuing Kassandra

Around 429 BCE, Pactyas and his order tracked down another Tainted One, the misthios Kassandra who made a name for herself during the Peloponnesian War. There, he also unexpectedly discovered Darius and his son Natakas, who sought refuge near the village of Potidaia.[5] Pactyas had one of his men set fire to the village, hoping to draw out and eliminate them. However, the plan failed as Kassandra and Natakas saved the villagers[6] while the Order Elite was eliminated by Darius.[3]

With his plan foiled, Pactyas brought in the rest of his Order and founded found a hidden glade within Mount Pangeon. He also converted The grove outside into a training ground where he tamed and taught the various beasts to do his bidding and attack the "Tainted Ones" at sight. These included the wolves, the wild boars and the crows.[7]

Last fight and death

Eventually, Pactyas decided to meet Kassandra, and lured her to a display he'd crafted within Therme Wetlands. There, he sought to manipulate and challenge her, but fled the conflict while his underlings attacked Kassandra.[8]

ACOD LotFB Protector of Persia - Pactyas Death

Pactyas died from his wounds

Pactyas met Kassandra again some time later at the grove outside his cave-glade. He taunted her, and while he initially set his men to attack her, he ultimately faced her himself. Kassandra wounded him, however, and Pactyas fled to his cave. Despite his belief that he'd win, Kassandra bested him just before Darius and Natakas arrived. While dying, Pactyas revealed his and Darius' shared past.[4]

Influence and legacy

Following Pactyas' death, the rest of the Order of the Ancients was alerted to the presence of Darius, Natakas, Kassandra, and the threat they posed to the Order.[4]




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