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Owers Manor

Owers Manor was a large private residence located in the Cotswold valley near Rodwick, northwest of London. The manor, built in the Tudor style, was complete with a large Stuart garden and a French-inspired orangerie.


Thomas Owers acquired the residence in 1887, when the previous owner died after mysteriously falling from the manor's roof. Owers and his wife used the mansion to host parties for London's "Cannibal Club", a gathering of free-spirited men, whose views on sex were often deemed deviant by Victorian society.[1]

In the autumn of 1888, the Assassin Evie Frye, having learned that Lady Owers was serving as Jack the Ripper's lieutenant, infiltrated Owers Manor to kill Lady Owers in her quest to free Whitechapel of Jack's terror. Evie was successful in this endeavor and managed to slip away seemingly unnoticed. However, Jack himself had been following Evie right from the moment she returned to London, witnessing her infiltration from the rooftops. Once she had left the Manor, he proceeded to massacre everyone within.[2]




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