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Laying the First Brick 5

Adéwalé fighting Overseers.

Overseers or Foremen were usually guards or thugs who watched over various locations, captives and plans. They were sometimes associated with the Templar Order and generally with owners and businessmen.



War Plans Machine Gun 3

Ezio assassinating a Borgia overseer.

During the Renaissance in Rome, the Templar House of Borgia usually had specialized agents take care of Leonardo da Vinci's war machines' plans. Those overseers were all assassinated in various ways by the Master Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze, in an effort to locate and destroy the war machines and severely weaken the Borgia influence.

18th century Caribbean

Overseers were ruthless militia hired by sugar plantation owners to watch and punish the plantation's slaves. They were most notably active in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, where the maroon rebels constantly battled the Overseers to free their brothers from slavery.

Overseer ACIVFC

An overseer attacking a Maroon.

Groups of overseers also sailed through the coast of Port-au-Prince, sometimes protecting Slave ships or just patrolling the area. Most of them were on the payroll of Gouverneur de Fayet, using them to strike the Maroons and protect the French plantations in the coast. Many of those militiamen were slain by the Assassin Adéwalé, who aided the maroons in taking down de Fayet's ruthless government and free slaves.

Victorian Era

During the 19th century London, overseers or foremen were ruthless men hired by Crawford Starrick and his Blighters, with the job of watching over and punishing children who worked in various factories across London. These men were heavily guarded and were essential to the factory's influence.

In 1868, the twin Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye, during their effort to free London from Starrick's grip, attempted to take over many of the factories around London from the Blighters and free the child workers from their slave-like working condition. In the process, the twins infiltrated those factories and assassinated the overseers, then freeing the children and taking over the business.



Borgia overseers were identical in appearance and combat style to members of the Papal Guard.

18th century Caribbean

Overseer Sniper

An overseer sniper firing at two maroons.

Overseers employed in Saint-Domingue wore clothing similar to Pirate hunters, but with a few differences. Overseer regulars often wore brown simple shirts and rusty white pants, but with orange caps. Overseer captains wore clothing very similar to hunter captains, but their outfits were a bit more tan than regular hunter captains. Overseer brutes wore long dark-brown coats, rusty white pants and beige round hats. Overseer snipers wore brown jackets and boots.

Victorian era

Factory overseers wore white long coats, black pants and black top hats. Their white colors effectively distinguished them from regular blighters.


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