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Overrun and Outnumbered was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Upon confirming the re-appearance of a Sage, Edward and James Kidd exited the Mayan ruin to discover both the Assassins and the Jackdaw's crew held hostage.


  • Edward: What the hell did I just see back there? Jim!
  • Kidd: Quiet!
  • Ah Tabai: The statue in the temple. Was that the man you saw in Havana?
  • Edward: Spitting likeness, aye.
  • Ah Tabai: It seems another Sage has been found, the race for the Observatory begins anew.
  • Edward: Is that why we're whispering?
  • Ah Tabai: This is your doing, Captain Kenway. The maps you sold to the Templars have led them straight to us. And now the agents of two empires know exactly where we operate.
  • Kidd: Leave this to me, Mentor.
  • Ah Tabai: They have taken Edward's crew as well. I wonder what their lives are worth to him?
  • Kidd: Take this. You'll attract no attention, and take fewer lives.

Edward received a blowpipe.

Overrun and Outnumbered 4

Edward freeing the Assassins

  • Kidd: Use them darts on this one coming now. Quick! Quiet and effective, see?

Edward made his way through the camp, using darts to save the Assassins and his crew members. 

  • Soldier 1: You seen this temple here? It's massive.
  • Soldier 2: Aye. I'm wondering if it's full of gold and jade and the like.
  • Assassin 1: (I pity you men. You have crossed the wrong people here.)
  • Soldier 1: Has to be, don't it? Where else would the Dagos get it?
  • Soldier 2: They're pulling it out of the ground, aren't they?
  • Crew members: Ease off, mate. You ain't got nothing on us.
    I was a navy man once, but I found a better life sailing under a black flag. And you could too, mate.
  • Soldier 3: Looks to me like a crew of pirates here.
  • Soldier 4: Aye. Mixing with these heathens. Makes me bloody sick.
  • Assassin 2: (The hunter and his Assassins will soon come for you.)
  • Soldier 3: God's truth, I can't fathom why.
  • Soldier 4: Can't handle living among men, can they? Can't handle the Christian life. So they come here.
  • Soldier 5: Who's this Dutch fella we brought here? What a sourpuss he is.
  • Soldier 6: A slaver named Prins. I'm told he has a letter of marque from Governor Hamilton. And that we're to afford him every courtesy.
  • Soldier 5: That's a queer combination.
  • Assassin 3: (You walk the dark road to Xibalba, soldier. May you turn back before your life is corrupted.)
  • Soldier 6: All I know is that he's looking for someone and we're to help him find it.
  • Adéwalé: If only you lads knew what was coming to you, I think you'd pack your kits and run.
  • Assassin 4: (Leave while you can, English man. Death is certain, otherwise).
  • Soldier 7: Gah! Carting old misers around ain't what I signed up for.
  • Soldier 8: You were pressed into service, you nob!

Edward freed the Assassins and his crew members.

  • Assassins: Many thanks, but no forgiveness.
    It was a slaver who brought these soldiers. Laurens Prins himself.
    I may thank you later, if you manage to live through this.
    Is it out of kindness you do this, or guilt?
  • Crew members: Plague and perish if this ever happens again.
    Death and disease to these slavers.
    Christ. What a mess, eh?
    Cheers, captain.
  • Adéwalé: Many thanks, breddah.

After saving enough people, Edward met up with Kidd and Ah Tabai again.

  • Edward: Who's out there?
  • Kidd: See that mangy old codger? He's a Dutch slaver called Laurens Prins. Living now like a king in Jamaica. Bastard's been a target for years. Bloody hell, we nearly had him!
  • Edward: By God, you bravos are a cheery bunch eh. All frowns and furrowed brows.
  • Ah Tabai: Captain Kenway. You have remarkable skills.
  • Edward: Ah, thanks, mate. It comes natural.
  • Ah Tabai: But you are churlish and arrogant, prancing around in a uniform that you have not earned.
  • Edward: Everything is permitted. Isn't that your motto?
  • Ah Tabai: I absolve you of your errors in Havana and elsewhere, but you are not welcome here.
  • Kidd: Sorry, mate. Wish it were otherwise.

Later, Edward met with Kidd again.

Overrun and Outnumbered 8

Kidd explaining the Assassin and Templar causes to Edward

  • Edward: Cheery bunch of mates you've got.
  • Kidd: You deserve scorn, Edward. Prancing about like one of us, bringing shame to our cause.
  • Edward: And what is that? Your cause?
  • Kidd: To be blunt... we kill people. Templars and their associates. Folks who'd like to control all the empires on Earth... claiming it's in the name of peace and order.
  • Edward: Sounds like Du Casse's dying words.
  • Kidd: You see? It's about power really. About lording over people. Robbing us of liberty.
  • Edward: That another message from one of your friends?
  • Kidd: Aye. I'll show you. I know you ain't exactly impressed by our Creed. So would the sight of money make you more friendly to our ways?
  • Edward: As ever.
  • Kidd: Then work these contracts around the West Indies for us, and we'll pay you. As simple as that. Now follow on. I have one last secret to share. 
  • Edward: How long have you been one of these Assassins, eh?
  • Kidd: A couple years, now. I met Ah Tabai in Spanish-Towne, and there was something about him I trusted. A sort of... wisdom.
  • Edward: Is all this his idea? His clan?
  • Kidd: No, sir. The Assassins and Templars have been at war for thousands of years, all over the world. The natives of this new world had a philosophy like our creed for as long as they've been here. And when Europeans arrived, our groups sort of... matched up. Cultures and religions and languages keep folks divided. But there's something in the Assassin's Creed that crosses all boundaries. A fondness for life and liberty.
  • Edward: Sounds a bit like Nassau, no?
  • Kidd: Close. But not quite. Here we are. Take that stone you discovered from the Mayan stele, and put it there.

Edward put the Mayan keystone into the door. 

  • Kidd: That's one. Couple dozen more and you're in.
  • Edward: And what will all this effort gain me?
  • Kidd: Respect, for a start. From the men and women you put in danger here. And if that ain't enough, there's a treasure behind that door. Something many centuries old. I reckon if you made the effort to find every last one of those, it'd be worth your while.
  • Edward: So, you sailing back to Nassau?
  • Kidd: When I have another contract there, aye. But this is my home for now.


Edward saved the Assassins and his crew, but was sent away by Ah Tabai. However, Kidd introduced him to assassination contracts, which he could gain money from. Kidd then showed Edward a secret door, with the promise of treasure behind it.



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