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Overdose was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye and Crawford Starrick's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Having learned that John Elliotson was behind the production of Starrick's Soothing Syrup, Jacob set out to assassinate him.


Jacob met with Charles Darwin outside the Lambeth Asylum where Elliotson worked.

  • Darwin: Mr. Frye! I trust that you had a productive meeting with Mr. Owen?
  • Jacob: Oh yes, we had a most wonderful chat. I've found that the man behind Starrick's Soothing Syrup is John Elliotson.
  • Darwin: Dr. Elliotson? I haven't heard that name in a long while. He was a brilliant heart specialist, until he became obsessed with phrenology and mesmerism. It ruined his career. Well, how shall we proceed?
  • Jacob: Oh, with all respect, Mr. Darwin, I believe I should proceed alone. After all, we wouldn't want to attract any... "unwanted attention".
  • Darwin: Sounds very wise. Good luck, my boy. Oh, and, Mr. Frye, should you find yourself with any free time, please, do call on me.

Darwin left, whistling cheerfully. Jacob then infiltrated the asylum.

  • Jacob: Where would I find the doctor?...

Eventually, Jacob located Elliotson, who was performing a painful trepanation procedure on a patient's brain on front of his students.

  • Jacob: Hmm...

As Elliotson removed his instrument from the patient's head, the latter died.

  • Elliotson: Well, as you've just witnessed, the application of too much pressure can sometimes result in... unexpected outcomes. Unfortunately, it appears I've... ruined the organ.

Elliotson contacted a doctor in the morgue below.

ACS Overdose 4

The doctor receiving Elliotson's orders

  • Elliotson: Send up a cadaver.
  • Doctor: At once, Dr. Elliotson.

Jacob then saw an asylum patient being put through a gruesome electroconvulsive therapy session, as well as a nurse speaking to an asylum guard.

  • Guard 1: I don't care about your ethics! And I care even less about your damned patients. Now hand over your keys!

The guard took the keys from the nurse's hand.

  • Nurse: What are you doing?!
  • Guard 1: Haven't you heard? You're fired! Now bugger off.
  • Jacob: How to do it?

Jacob explored the asylum.

  • Guard 2: So what's this I here about Dr. Elliotson's experiments?
  • Guard 3: That fellow holds a candle to the devil.

Jacob found the distraught nurse.

  • Nurse: Can anyone help me?
    I'm trapped in here?
    Is there anybody out there?
    Let me out of here!
  • Jacob: What's the matter?
  • Nurse: Young man, help... I must speak with Ms. Nightingale at once! One of the brutes stole my key, and there's no one around, I can't get out of here.
  • Jacob: Stole your key? Don't go anywhere, I might be able to do something.
  • Nurse: Oh, quite, thank you, sir. Well, you'll know where to find me, sir. Go on now, sir, I will wait here.
    Dr. Elliotson cannot be allowed to continue his experimentations!
    I must speak to Nurse Nightingale. She will know what to do.
    There's something peculiar about that Dr. Elliotson.
    His experimentations are making our patients worse, I'm sure of it.

Jacob set out to get back the master key.

  • Guard 4: I wouldn't trust any of the doctors here. Especially that Elliotson fellow.
    I'm in the wrong line of work.
    I wonder why so few patients died this week.

Jacob stole the master key from the guard who had taken it from the nurse. He then unlocked the door leading out of the asylum, allowing the nurse to escape.

  • Nurse: You have my gratitude, sir. I shall inform Ms. Nightingale that I'll not be working for this asylum ever again!
ACS Overdose 5

Two guards subjecting a patient to electroconvulsive therapy

Jacob found the patient being put through electroconvulsive therapy by two guards.

  • Guard 5: Hold him down, will ya?
  • Guard 6: What's wrong with him?
  • Guard 5: Do I look like a doctor? He's barmy, is all.
  • Guard 6: Ah, nothing a little syrup won't cure.
  • Guard 5: Haven't you heard? Stocks are low, we can't administer Soothing Syrup without Dr. Elliotson's consent.
  • Guard 6: Ah, bollocks.

Jacob killed the two guards, ending the therapy. He then infiltrated the morgue.

  • Doctor: Of course not, Dr. Elliotson, it will only take a moment.
    Urgh, bloody rats! Get back, you filth!

The doctor saw Jacob.

  • Doctor: I'm sorry, sir, but you aren't allowed in here.
    I'm afraid I must ask you to leave, sir.
    Authorized personnel only. Please, go away.

Jacob hid the corpse that was to be delivered to Elliotson. He then took its place on the stretcher, hiding under the sheet as it was brought before Elliotson.

ACS Overdose 8

The doctor unwittingly delivering Jacob to Elliotson

  • Doctor: Here it is, Doctor.
  • Elliotson: We will continue our experiment shortly. In a moment, we will compare the brains of our two specimens. And since both specimens had a propensity towards violent behavior, we should see similar protusions in specific parts of their brains- Corpses do not have boots.

If Elliotson spotted Jacob, he would confront him.

  • Elliotson: Grand Master Starrick warned us about you, Assassin... Your presence in London has not gone unnoticed, especially since the destruction of our Syrup distillery. What a pitiful fool you are... What will the people rely on now to ease their troubled minds? To keep them happy in this bleak, modern world of ours? You are nothing, Assassin. Surrounded, outnumbered. We are everywhere. Our resources are inexhaustible, our reach limitless... What influence do you imagine that a handful of criminals have compared to the Templar Order? You are pathetic, obsolete, like the tenets of your Creed.

Surprising his target, Jacob rushed out from underneath the sheet and stabbed Elliotson in the head with his Hidden Blade.

  • Elliotson: At last it ends... Yet I can only think of beginnings... A better tomorrow, forged with the blood of visionaries.
  • Jacob: All I see is the blood of a lunatic.
ACS Overdose 9

Elliotson's final moments

  • Elliotson: Do you truly believe murdering an old man will stop humanity's Great Architect? Crawford Starrick has a glorious design for mankind!
  • Jacob: Designs are meant to be broken.
  • Elliotson: You're a child... A child who believes he can solve all the world's woes with a flick of a blade... Have you ever pondered the consequences of your actions, Jacob Frye? Or did your father teach you nothing?

As Elliotson died, Jacob smeared a handkerchief with his blood.

  • Students: Help! Help
    My god!
    Police! Police!

Jacob escaped the asylum. Afterwards, Starrick met with his fellow Templars in his office.

  • Twopenny: Elliotson expired and Soothing Syrup production has ceased? Outrageous!
  • Cardigan: Frye intends to endanger all of London at the hands of the mob.
  • Twopenny: Or perhaps he doesn't intend much of anything at all, but is simply content to dice with our lives.

A servant poured Starrick a cup of tea.

ACS Overdose 10

Starrick meeting with the Earl of Cardigan and Twopenny

  • Starrick: Thank you.
  • Cardigan: The asylum is shut up, medical care throughout the city is in disarray. He does not, cannot, understand the consequences of his actions. The man is clearly an anarchist!
  • Starrick: Gentlemen. This tea was brought to me from India by a ship, then, up from the harbor to a factory, where it was packaged and ferried by carriage to my door, unpacked in the larder and brought upstairs to me. All by men and women who work for me. Who are indebted to me, Crawford Starrick, for their jobs, their time, the very lives they lead. They will work in my factories and so too shall their children. And you come to me with talk of this Jacob Frye? This insignificant blemish who calls himself Assassin? You disrespect the very city that works day and night so that we may drink this. This miracle. This tea.

Lucy Thorne entered.

  • Thorne: I am nearing the end of my research. Our beloved London shall not suffer such a bothersome fool for much longer.
  • Starrick: And what of this sister I've heard of? Ms. Frye?
  • Thorne: Ms. Frye shall be gutted. Soon enough.

Thorne drank a cup of tea.

  • Thorne: Delicious.


Jacob assassinated John Elliotson, causing the Templars to take further note of his and Evie's actions in London.



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