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Outgunned was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


In pursuit of the first of Leonardo da Vinci's war machines, the machine gun, Ezio Auditore departed from Rome and journeyed through the countryside to the Alban Hills.


  • Guard: Watch the weapon carefully. We must be ready to take it to safety should anything happen.

Avoiding the attention of the patrolling guards, Ezio reached a small workshop, where the machine's designs were kept. Burning the blueprints with a nearby torch, he then proceeded to the main courtyard, where a functioning machine gun was under heavy guard.

Outgunned 4

The machine gun carriage exploding

The Assassin reached the stacks of gunpowder barrels piled beside the machine and lit a fuse leading to them, before retreating to a safe distance. The resulting explosion of the gunpowder shattered the machine gun and immediately killed the men guarding it. However, the noise alerted the other guards who were within the building itself, and they swiftly made off with a second, horse-drawn prototype, attempting to salvage the project. Ezio promptly ran across the rooftops and mounted a nearby horse to give chase. Pursuing the machine gun through the woods and dodging the rapid bullet rounds fired at him, Ezio managed to catch up to the carriage and killed both the driver and the gunman posted on it. Though he was able to commandeer the machine, he was closely followed by several mounted guards and arquebusiers. As he fled, he managed to hold several of them back by slamming into them with the sides of the carriage.

  • Ezio: Not very smart, are they?
  • Guard: He's stealing the weapon!

However, as he drove the carriage deeper into the countryside, the number of guards only seemed to increase, and so Ezio took control of the machine gun itself. Shooting horses and riders alike, suffering minor set backs along the way as the horses pulling the machine veered from the road, Ezio successfully held off his pursuers.

Outgunned 11

Ezio destroying the machine gun

  • Ezio: How many of you are there?
    Nice try.
    Go home! If you do not, all of you will die!

Upon escaping from the remaining guards, Ezio detached the pair of horses from the carriage, and rode to safety on the back of one as he ignited the gunpowder-laden carriage with his Hidden Gun.

  • Ezio: Il mondo è migliore senza di te! (The world is better without you!)


Ezio destroyed the first war machine and returned to Rome.


  • This memory was required to complete Memory Sequence 4, but it was listed along with the other war machine memories in the Animus' DNA menu.
  • This was the only war machine memory in which Ezio did not interrogate an architect for information.



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