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Our Mutual Friend was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Charles Dickens and Charles Darwin tasked Jacob or Evie with escorting a mutual friend arriving in London.


Jacob or Evie met with Dickens and Darwin.

  • Dickens: Ah, my dear Darwin, do you think our young friend here, equipped with a multiplicity of talents, might be enough to ensure Mister Hammon safe passage?
  • Jacob: Who's Hammon when he's at home, then?
  • Evie: I do not believe I've had the pleasure of meeting a Mister Hammon.
  • Dickens: A mutual friend of ours. He arrives in London today.
  • Darwin: From South Africa no less!
  • Dickens: Mister Hammon is possessed of both tremendous wealth and charming innocence.
  • Darwin: Which makes him rather attractive prey for some of our great city's less savoury inhabitants. We fear he'll need a more robust escort than two old men might provide.
  • Jacob: I'm not a coachman, you know.
  • Evie: I'm actually rather busy.
  • Darwin: We have already told him to expect you!
  • Dickens: His train should have arrived ten minutes ago.
  • Jacob: Well then, I suppose a friend of yours, is a friend of mine.
  • Evie: Then I shan't keep him waiting.
  • Darwin: Splendid!
  • Dickens: Off you go.

Jacob or Evie traveled to the station and spoke with John Hammon.

  • Jacob: Mister John Hammon?
  • Evie: Mister Hammon, I believe?
  • Hammon: That is correct.
  • Jacob/Evie: Jacob/Evie Frye. Mister Dickens sent me to meet you.
  • Hammon: Ah, good old Dickens. How very kind of him. Lead on, then.

Jacob or Evie escorted Hammon out of the station.

  • Hammon: London... Can't say I've missed the weather. My father passed away recently and I have come home to settle his affairs. Also, I am to be married.
  • Jacob: You don't sound too keen on the idea.
  • Evie: You don't sound too eager for the happy event.
  • Hammon: I have never even met my future bride, Bella Wilton. It was all arranged for me. She may be a good woman. Or she may not. I stand to inherit a vast sum. Can I be certain that the lady is not simply in it for the money?

Outside the station, a group of Blighters ambushed Jacob or Evie, prompting a fight.

  • Blighter 1: Hand over your money, quick as quick.
  • Blighter 2: I like your togs. Care to trade 'em for mine?
  • Hammon: By Jove! You're handy to have around. I fear my wealth attracts too much attention.

Jacob or Evie defended Hammon and killed the thugs.

  • Hammon: That did give me an idea. Perhaps I can test my bride's sincerity. I am now officially dead and have thus shed my fortune. I shall meet Bella Wilton as a nobody. We shall see if she'll have me now. Come, we must dispose of my body. Find us a carriage to take us to the river.

Jacob or Evie picked up a body and shoved it into the carriage.

  • Hammon: Good work. How exciting! This is like something out of a novel!

Jacob or Evie drove with Hammon to the Thames, then threw the body into the river.

  • Hammon: Excellent! Now let us go and meet my fiancee. I can't wait to see her response.

Jacob or Evie drove with Hammon to Bella Wilton's house.

  • Hammon: I feel quite liberated. As if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. After this, just to be sure, would you take me to my fiancee's house? I shall deliver the sad news myself.
  • Jacob: Seems a bit risky to me.
  • Evie: Don't you think that's a little risky?
  • Hammon: She has never set eyes on me! Besides I need to ascertain whether I like her as well! And I want to see how she reacts to the news of my death...
    Come on, hurry up. This is taking far too long.

Jacob or Evie reached the destination and followed Hammon to speak to Bella.

  • Hammon: Miss Wilton?
  • Bella: Yes?
  • Hammon: My name is John Rokesmith. I am afraid I have some terrible news for you.
  • Bella: Oh?
  • Hammon: Your fiancé, John Hammon was found dead in the River Thames this morning.
  • Bella: Oh, how awful! Poor Mister Hammon. I am at a loss at what to say to you, sir, you must forgive me.
  • Hammon: She is delightful! Why I do believe I love her!
  • Jacob: Certainly an unusual first meeting to talk about in your wedding speech!
  • Evie: I hope she's more intrigued than she is appalled!


Jacob or Evie safely escorted John Hammon, then took part in his plan to assess the woman he was arranged to marry.


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