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"Cold and calculating, the Ottoman Doctor's mission is not one of mercy. Once a hopeful Venetian expatriate devoted to the Hippocratic oath, he now has a bad habit of harming more than he heals. His signature syringe, loaded with a mercury solution of his own making, is his most feared asset. Beware, lest he put you under for a long, long time."
―Description of the Ottoman Doctor.

The Ottoman Doctor

The Ottoman Doctor (harvested from: Seraffo) was an Animi Avatar used by Abstergo Industries to train their recruits in the second stage of the Animi Training Program, unlocked through pre-ordering the Special Edition of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. He is also available after a system update.

Similar to his Italian counterpart, but not in the same manner, the Ottoman Doctor used a bladed syringe as his specialty weapon.

Unique moves[]

The Ottoman Doctor had several unique moves:

(Low Profile, Front)

Casually walking towards his target, the Ottoman Doctor surprises them by savagely kicking their left leg. As they clutch their wounded limb, the Ottoman Doctor slashes his victim in the right of their abdomen with the blade on his syringe, before stabbing it into their back, filling their body with deadly poison.

(Low Profile, Back)

Having quietly neared from behind, the Ottoman Doctor brutally stabs his syringe into his target's back, fracturing their spine. He then removes the syringe and slashes his victim across their side with the blade on his syringe, watching as they spiral to the floor where they die of blood loss.

(High Profile, Front)

Swiftly closing the distance between him and his target, the Ottoman Doctor takes ahold of them by the back of their head with his left hand, while using the other to cleanly stab them in the neck with his syringe. The victim faintly grasps the Ottoman Doctor in shock as the medical instrument punctures their body, before he twists his weapon and removes it, his victim collapsing to the ground.

(High Profile, Back)

Running up behind his target, the Ottoman Doctor pulls out his syringe. Holding his victim's chest, he jams his weapon into their back, piercing their heart from behind. His target recoils in agony, before falling to the floor, the blood slowly leaving their body as the Ottoman Doctor puts away his syringe.

(Bench Kill)

Grabbing his seated target's foot, the Ottoman Doctor drags them off the bench until their head rests against it. Before his victim can do anything to defend themselves, he forcefully kicks them in the face, violently sending their head backwards and breaking his target's neck on the bench behind them.

(Aerial Kill)

Leaping from above the rooftops, the Ottoman Doctor removes his syringe from its holster in mid-air. As he lands upon his target, he brutally stabs his victim in the skull, piercing the brain before leaving them to perish where they lie.


  • "Come, let me cure you!"
  • "You have a sickness."
  • "You show grave symptoms."


The Ottoman Doctor could not be customized, alongside the Courtesan, the Ottoman Jester and the Knight.