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The Second Ottoman–Venetian War (1499 – 1503) was a military conflict between the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice over contested land in south-east Europe.


In 1499, when the war began, the Venetians living in Constantinople were terrified and fled back to Venice, including Sofia Sartor who was born in Constantinople, and her parents.[1]

At the same year, the Ottomans gained a major victory over the Venetians at the Battle of Zonchio, destroying their naval forces. This allowed them to seize the Venetian territories of Lepanto, Modone and Corone.[2]

At some point during the war, Pope Alexander VI, the Grand Master of the Italian Templars, tried to disrupt a temporary peace treaty between Venice and the Ottoman Empire, by sending some of his son's finest killers to Constantinople. As their boat left port in Rome, it was taken down by the Assassins with a volley of fire arrows, and the Assassins instead set sail for Constantinople.[3]

In 1502, the Ottoman Assassin Yusuf Tazim and a contingent of Italian Assassins from Venice met in Greece to steer the conflict to a peaceful end, which was achieved in 1503, ushering in a brief period of peace on the Ottoman Empire's western border.[4]


In 1507, the Venetian-Ottoman Sofia Sartor return to her hometown, she mentioned her past when Ezio Auditore da Firenze visited her Book shop four years later.[1]

In 1511, Piri Reis, former admiral of the Ottoman navy, and the Florentine Ezio Auditore, both members of the Assassins, briefly reminisced about their many friends lost during the war.[5]