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Oswald was an Anglo-Saxon thegn who reigned as a client-king ruling over East Anglia during its occupation by the Great Heathen Army.


Sometime during his reign, Oswald was set to wed the Viking Valdis.[1] However, before those plans could go through, he was captured the Viking chieftain Rued and imprisoned in Burgh Castle.[2] He was freed by Eivor Varinsdottir, who had mustered a joint force of Anglo-Saxons and Danes[3] to assault the fort where he was being held.[2] Rescued from Rued's hands, Oswald returned to Elmenham for his coronation and to wed Valdis.[4]

When Eivor returned to Elmenham some time later, Oswald revealed that Valdis was with child and his heir was expected to be born the next summer.[5]

Behind the scenes

Historically, almost nothing is known about Oswald, with what little evidence of his existence being limited to coins minted with his name on them dated to the period.

His voice actor is Kyle Gatehouse.




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