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Oswald was an Anglo-Saxon nobleman who reigned as a client-king ruling over East Anglia during its occupation by the Great Heathen Army.

Originally a minor thegn who served in the court of King Edmund, Oswald was chosen as the next candidate to the throne of East Anglia by the Viking Finnr, with his marriage to Valdis meant to be a unity between the Anglo-Saxons and the Norse.

While initially struggling to prove his worth, Oswald displayed his bravery and willingness to risk his life in the feud against Rued. With aid by Eivor Varinsdottir, Oswald won the support of his people and spouse, enabling him to be accepted as the rightful king of East Anglia with Valdis as his queen.


Early years

Hailing from the village of Elmenham, Oswald served in the court of King Edmund as a thegn and was his counsel prior to the Viking invasions into England.[1] Following the deaths of King Edmund at the hands of the Sons of Ragnar, and then Æthelred by the Viking Rued's clan, East Anglia was left without a stable kingship for the next few years, during which an increasing number of Norse came to make East Anglia their home. By 873, Oswald was one of the last remaining thegns that held any sway.[2]

That year, the Viking jarl Halfdan Ragnarsson appointed Finnr as the steward of East Anglia, and giving him the task of crowning a new king with a marriage to a Norse to signify the unity between the two races. Oswald was chosen to be the next king and was set to wed a Viking by the name of Valdis. However, he was considered soft and weak, and lacked the charisma and strength to lead, which led many Norse, including Valdis' brothers Broder and Brothir to distrust him. Despite this, Oswald made attempts to keep the peace within the community, while struggling to defend against raids made by Rued's clan.[1]

Fued with Rued

Oswald's first meeting with Eivor

On one occasion, Oswald attempted to mediate an argument between a Norse and a Saxon, who both suffered attacks conducted by Rued's clan. While the matter did not resolved as he had hoped, Oswald met the Viking Eivor Varinsdottir of the Raven Clan,[1] whose settlement in Ledecestrescire also came under attack by Rued's clan. Oswald offered Eivor to travel with him back to his home in Elmenham as he sought to discuss his upcoming marriage with Valdis. Along the way, the two encountered a small farm raided by Rued's Clan. Oswald was asked to stay put while Eivor headed forward to investigate and eliminate the raiders. After she returned, Oswald invited Eivor to join him in Elmenham for dinner, which she accepted.[3]

However, before those plans could go through, he was captured the Viking chieftain Rued and imprisoned in Burgh Castle.[4] He was freed by Eivor Varinsdottir, who had mustered a joint force of Anglo-Saxons and Danes[5] to assault the fort where he was being held.[4] Rescued from Rued's hands, Oswald returned to Elmenham for his coronation and to wed Valdis.[6]

When Eivor returned to Elmenham some time later, Oswald revealed that Valdis was with child and his heir was expected to be born the next summer.[7]

Behind the scenes

Historically, almost nothing is known about Oswald, with what little evidence of his existence being limited to coins minted with his name on them dated to the period.

His voice actor is Kyle Gatehouse.




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