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This article is about a resident of Ravensthorpe. You may be looking for the Roman Emperor known as Octavian prior his coronation.

Osbert of Lunden, better known by his self-adopted Roman name of Octavian Claudius Britannicus, was an Anglo-Saxon collector with an interest in artifacts dating from the Roman Empire, living in Ravensthorpe during the 9th century.


Originally from Lunden, Osbert developed an interest in subjects relating to the Roman Empire which that had once occupied England until the early 5th century. Osbert turned the interest into passion and soon became a collector, recovering Roman artifacts that had been left behind by the Romans.[1] However, Osbert developed a rivalry with fellow collector Maximilian, whom he deeply despised. At some point, Osbert lost a prized Roman legionnaire figurine, which was stolen by Maximilian.[2]

Around 873, Osbert left Lunden and moved north, coming upon a newly-established settlement by the name of Ravensthorpe in Danish Mercia. Desiring to settle in the new hamlet, Osbert made camp in a small Roman ruin north of the longhouse. After some time, Osbert met Eivor Varinsdottir, the step-sister of the settlement's jarl Sigurd who served as a stand-in until his return. Osbert introduced himself to Eivor and later had a proper house built for him, where he could properly store his artifacts. In addition to requesting Eivor to help him recover Roman artifacts throughout England,[1] Osbert also asked Eivor to travel to Lunden to recover the Roman legionnaire figurine that Maximilian had stolen for him. Eivor obliged and later returned with the figurine in hand.[2]

Behind the scenes

Osbert is a character in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla. He is voiced by Canadian actor Simon Lee Phillips, who also voiced Brendan of Clonfert amongst other additional characters.