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Ortega Sanchez

Ortega Sanchez (died 2016) was a member of the Templar Order active in Mexico.


In 2016, after learning that the kingpin Arturo Viera was looking for Charlotte de la Cruz's Assassin team after they had unknowingly hurt his mate, Sanchez summoned Viera. They met in a restaurant and the Templar ordered Viera to stop searching for the Assassins because they were Templar matters.[1]

However, Viera disobeyed and captured Kody, using him to set a trap for Charlotte and Galina Voronina. Later, Sanchez learned about his plan and the Templar came with his men during Viera's attempt to capture the rest of the Assassin team in an empty Stadium of Mexico City. Arriving in a helicopter, the Templar's strike team led by Whittaker, killed the two last cartel members, Viera and his girl, and surrounded the injured Assassins.[2]

Believing that they would do anything to capture her alive, de la Cruz threatened to kill herself if they didn't let her friends go but Sanchez refused, stating that bringing home the head of the famous Galina would be enough. De la Cruz then offered the location of the meeting of Erudito's leaders planned to take place three days later and this time Sanchez accepted. He gave her one day to look into the Animus for an answer and to respect their pact and then left in the helicopter with his men.[2]

Later, after she obtained the information through the Animus, Charlotte kept her word and met with Sanchez, intending to surrender herself to the Templars. However, unknown to her, Galina contacted Viera's Cartel and made a pact with them; the head of the man who ordered their boss death in exchange for the protection of Charlotte de la Cruz. The Cartel then attacked Ortega and his men, blowing up their cars with a bazooka and avenging Viera.[3]

However, Sanchez survived the attack and thanks to a tracker he had put on a unknowingly Charlotte de la Cruz, followed her to Argentina where the Assassins had made contact with Erudito. Assaulting the remote island on which was located Erudito's hideout with a Templar strike-team, Sanchez almost captured de la Cruz but was eventually killed when an Assassin rescue team riddled him with bullets from a helicopter.[4]


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