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During the Peloponnesian War, the Spartan misthios Kassandra found herself the target of the Order of the Ancients, a secretive group that controlled Persia and many other thrones throughout the history of the world. Working together with the protector of Persia Darius and his son Natakas, she collected numerous clues and correspondence regarding the activities of several Order branches operating across the Greek world. In this capacity, she was able to uncover the identities of the Order's top agents and killed them.


Order of Hunters

Darius' Investigations
Darius has been tracking Ancients in Makedonia and has left report of his investigation in his hideout.

Darius' Notes on the Keeper
Ancients are never easy to uncover. Deceit is their weapon, the shadows their home. They're prepared. They cover their tracks. ...But they cannot hide from me.
I've found leads to one of them, a woman who's a close follower of the Huntsman. She's been entrusted with the care of his beasts. That's the good new.

The bad news?

She's learned how to tame local bears.


Message from the Fighter

Do not be afraid of the Tainted Ones, but be happy that in them we see our purpose. Their strength is near unmatched—to defeat them I need power. I go now to the northern shrine to petition Ares for strength. Tell the Huntsman I will no longer rely upon the fickleness of beasts. The god of war himself will aid me. I will bring the Eagle Bearer to the ground, and when it is done, return to my wife.

...I do so miss her scent.

The Fighter

Darius's Notes on the Watcher
Darius noticed an Ancient that has been observing people throughout Makedonia. He was last seen at the Triple Peninsula of the Chalkidike.

Message from the Watcher
How long has it been since we came here? I've watched endlessly and seen nothing. But now, finally, the one we seek is here! The "Eagle Bearer." She thinks she's hunting us! The arrogance.

I've sent word to the Huntsman, and he will soon make prey of this Eagle Bearer. Until then, as always, I will watch.

The Order is my light.

Rumors Overheard by Natakas There have been rumors about the leader of Makedonia being seen with an Order member at the fortress. Darius has gone to the area to investigate.

Message to the Deceiver
My dear wife,

Everything you requested has been provided. Guards for your shipment and parties here in Olynthos Fortress are all prepared.

Akantha, don't concern yourself with the rumours. You know I don't believe them. They are bitter lies from jealous rivals. Your faithfullness is beyond question. You know as leader of Makedonia I have also been the target of slander at times. I have officers investigating. They will find those reponsible and deal with them.

In the meantime, trust in the protection I've provided.

I remain,

Your devoted husband

Conversation with Natakas
Kassandra learns that the Order is recruiting locals from Makedonia to hunt down the legendary Eagle Bearer.

An Encounter with the Conspirator
The Order of Ancients' recruiter was revealed at a secret late-night meeting on a remote Makedonian farm. His name is Bubares, a silver-tongued emissary from Persia.

Natakas' Investigation
Notes discovered by Natakas imply the Order could be involved with the plague at Potidaia.

Note from the Physician to the Huntsman

Our trap is set. The Eagle Bearer—ever believing herself a hero—will be lured to the screams of the poisoned village.
I will ensure the villagers' surffering is not in vain—they sacrifice so that we may rid the world of a greater threat, a Tainted One.

By the time you read this, I will have completed my plan, and the Eagle Bearer will be dead. I'm leaving this note with your soldiers and continuing west. I've made arrangements with local bandits that will ensure my safe passage out of Makedonia.

The Ancients guide us.


Darius' Observations
They speak of a secret Persian organization known as the Order of the Ancients. Members of the Order in Makedonia are tasked with hunting down Tainted Ones with exceptional abilities, like Kassandra.

Orders to Bubares
I expect good news about our recruitment. Report to me at the lake.

–The Huntsman

Natakas' Investigations
My wolves howl, my boars snarl, and my crows conspire—all for the blood of the Tainted One. You will bring them to me... as expected.

–The Huntsman

Challenge from the Huntsman
Come, Tainted One. Come to the forests north of Makedonia. Come to me.

Come, or we will burn every blade of grass, every village. Come, or Makedonia bleeds.

–The Huntsman

The Truth from Darius

The Magi, known as Pactyas, once worked alongside Darius back in Persia.

Order of the Storm

Intel Found by Natakas
The Order is moving to dominate the seas near Achaia. They've established contacts with a local military garrison, using it as a base of communications for their ship raids.

Letter to the Broker

I've got a gift for you. I recently scuttled another fleet on the rocks near our cove, this one fat and juicy. We salvaged a lot, and I'm sending three ships of unspoiled wood and fittings for your shipyard. Use them. The blockade has increased traffic past our cove threefold. Do not forget the Eagle Bearer. The Tempest is serious about this one.

The Formidable

Dark Machinations

Your shipwrecks cover the coast. I see why the Tempest spoke so highly of you.

I know you are loathe to set foot on land, but the time approaches when we must turn our attention to strategy and the Eagle Bearer.

Find me in Pellene when you are done having your fun.


Letter to the Unbreakable

I agree your orders not to engage the Eagle Bearer are difficult, but I'm sure no one doubts your ability. You are the Right Hand, after all. Of course you must obey, yet who can foresee all the outcomes? If you were, for argument's sake, forced into an early confrontation with the Eagle Bearer, you wouldn't be to blame. And once you delivered the Eagle Bearer's head, not even the Tempest would fault you.

–The Broker

Rumors Heard by Natakas
The Order is funding their operations through ship building. Their broker has contacts at Scavenger's Coast.

A Shipping Manifest
A suspicious shipping manifest signed by someone named Sophos, a shipbuilder in Patrai. It looks to be a copy, marked by a blurred stamp resembling that of the Order of the Ancients.

Conversation with Kleta
Kleta told of someone named the Tempest who commands the Order of the Ancients in Achaia.

Interrogation of the Stalker
Interrogating a stalker reveals the Tempest has blockaded Achaia and is researching a potent new naval weapon, all in order to hunt and kill the Eagle Bearer.

Orders to the Unbreakable

We're falling behind on our timeline for the weapon. This can't happen. Go to the Achaia Shipyard and get us back on schedule. I'm holding you personally accountable for a timely completion of the Chimera's Breath. I know I can trust you to motivate the workers.


The Warship
The Tempest is seen at the helm of one of the most fearsome warships in all of the Greek world, the Skylla.

A Dark Secret
Kleta tells Kassandra the Tempest is her runaway daughter, Phila. Kassandra learns Phila is actually a Tainted One, like her.

Order of Dominion

Darius' Investigation
Darius discovered there was an Order of the Ancients Member in Messenia who was skilled in the diplomatic manipulation and subversion of entire nations. The Ancient was no doubt instrumental in Amorges' plans for the Greek world.

Slip of the Tongue
Dimokrates the Destroyer was revealed during a meeting between the Cult of Kosmos and the Order of the Ancients in Messenia.

Darius' Investigation
The Order of Ancients employs a woman who specializes in cleaning up after them. She is rumored to frequent an obscure camp in Messenia to dispose of any evidence, including bodies.

Letter from the Silence to a Persian Captain

You've done well enforcing the Order's will among the soldiers of Messenia. I travel with them regularly and hear their talk. But you've been too loose with Persia's secrets. Your indiscretions caused significant trouble, and news of it has reached Amorges. His judgement is severe.
The Silence comes for you, Captain. I advise you to put your affairs in order.


Letter to the Silence from a Sister of Artemis

One of your Order approached Pedasos today to leave a message for you. It took every ounce of my will not to riddle the mewling fool with arrows.

You're a great hunter, and you are ever welcome to walk among us. But I will never understand why you associate with such spineless cretins.

Come claim your letter. I do not want to touch it. It reeks of the city.

Letter from the Gatekeeper</br > Good Magi,

Amorges was right. The Gate has been found. I agree the time has come to purge the Cult from the Greek world. If you have need of my blade, you have only to say it.

I will continue exploring for signs of Those Who Came Before. I am currently seeking counsel from the wild men of Mesenia. I will meet them soon in the western wetlands.

They are fierce, equipped with ancient knowledge hidden in their fables and superstitions. Don't worry—I make speedy friends, do I not?


Orders from a Cult of Ares Chieftain
The visions heave revealed to me strange wayfarers from the east. They seek to barter for our ancient knowledge. It is as the signs foretold!
Send them to me. I await in the northeastern valleys.

Letter to Dimokrates

I can confirm from our records that the Persian Order encountered the Cult of Kosmos many generations ago. At the time it suited us to ally. We traded secrets and wealth for a foothold in Messenia, among other things. Times, however, have changed.

You are also correct in your suspicions about the Cult's recent activity. It's clear this war in the Greek world is their doing.
I wish you well in your dealings with them. If it was left to me, I would put them all to the sword.


Letter to the Spartans

I applaud your agreement to our various proposals for Sparta's military. Your concerns were understandable, but in this case needless. The Order wants Sparta to prosper. What's good for Sparta is good for the world.


Letter to the Persian Commander

As a member of the Order of the Ancients, you have a sacred duty. We must not allow any disruption to the helots' work in Messenia. The weapons they produce are crucial to our plans for the Greek world.

The few suffer so the many may have peace. This is the way of things. Close your heart and raise your fist.

Continue your good work, and your full induction into the upper ranks of the Order is assured.


An Invitation to the Eagle Bearer
Eagle Bearer. Tainted One.

You have cut your way at will through Messenia. This has not gone unnoticed. Soon the time will come for us to cross blades.

Before that moment I would like to speak plainly. There is much I want to know of the person behind the legend of the Eagle Bearer. I imagine there is also much you want to know of me.

Could I tempt you with a respectful exchange? Consider it for posterity, to humor an old man. Meet me at the graves in Aipeia.

–The Herald

A Given Name
The last of Amorges' lieutenants invited Kassandra to speak face to face. At the meeting he gave her his name freely—Gergis.

The Attack on Dyme
Amorges had studied Kassandra and sent his best men to kill her. But all eventually fell against the might of the Eagle Bearer, the Tainted One. So Amorges turned to other means, and now Natakas was dead and Kassandra's child was in his grasp. Amorges knew Kassandra would hound him to the ends of the earth. He prepared for a reckoning.



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