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Captain Ordóñez (died 1492) was the personal bodyguard of Gustavo Ramírez who lived during the 15th century Renaissance.


In 1492, Ordóñez accompanied his Ramírez during his stay at the Sádaba Castle after he acquired a piece of a Staff of Eden. The Spanish Assassins, having discovered their location, attacked the fort. Ordóñez remained behind to delay the Assassins, thereby allowing his master to escape with the piece of the Staff. Having done so, Ordóñez managed to escape the Assassins, albeit suffering injuries in the process.[1]

Later, Ordóñez was deployed in Jaén to lead an army of Spanish soldiers. The Assassins intercept a letter from Seville to him, allowing them to locate his whereabouts. Ordóñez was then assassinated, disrupting the Spanish Army's plans in the city.[2]


  • Ordóñez is a Spanish surname derived from the Latin personal name Fortunio, meaning fortunate.



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