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ACRG Or-du-Nord


Or-du-Nord is an expansive range of terrain in the northern reaches of the Hudson River Valley in New York. It was partially occupied by a French settlement during the mid-17th century.[1]

Nestled between the mountainside and the river, the community was protected by a palisade wall and other measures of defense, such as cannons. A nearby cave system was being mined for materials during the French and Indian War, some of which were then stocked at the settlement's warehouse.[1]

During that conflict, the Templar Shay Cormac visited the area and robbed said warehouse of its supplies. He also explored the northern region of Or-du-Nord, which was largely untouched by civilization, save for a small building near an unfinished mine, which Shay renovated. Otherwise, the area was mostly populated by beavers and black wolves.[1]


  • Or-du-Nord is French for "gold of the north".



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