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Operation: Westminster was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Queen Victoria charged Jacob or Evie with stopping the Templars from detonating the House of Parliament.


Jacob or Evie met the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

  • Queen Victoria: The final group of upstarts are making their last, desperate stand. They have penetrated the House of Parliament and plan to detonate whatever explosives they have left. Please find Mr. Fleming so we might put an end to this once and for all.

Jacob or Evie traveled to the House of Parliament and located Fleming crouched behind a wall.

  • Fleming: Multiple targets inside the palace. All armed and dangerous. Making matters worse--the Prime Minister has gone missing. I need you to deal with the Templars. Target one is in a nearby corridor, surrounded by civilians. He has explosives on his person. You need to take him by surprise. If he sees you, he'll detonate his bomb. In the meantime, I'll search for the Prime Minister.

Jacob or Evie killed the first isolated Templar.

  • Fleming: Well done. But there are still more bombers about. They must be removed--quickly and quietly.

Jacob or Evie located and killed the five Templar bombers, then encountered the Templar leader escaping Fleming.

  • Fleming: Catch the devil! He mustn't escape!
  • Templar: Don't come any closer!

Jacob or Evie chased the Templar leader, but then the Templar took Benjamin Disraeli hostage.

  • Jacob: Mr. Fleming, I've located the Prime Minister!
  • Evie: Steady, Prime Minister, I'll have you free in a moment.
  • Templar: Not another step, Assassin! You've lost, don't you see? The Houses of Parliament are rigged to explode at the last stroke of twelve! There's nothing you or anyone else can do to stop it now. The Houses of Parliament will be leveled! Centuries of history are going to be blown away in a second!
  • Disraeli: I demand you kill this lunatic!

Jacob or Evie shot the Templar leader without harming Disraeli.

  • Disraeli: Find those bombs before they go off!

Jacob or Evie quickly defused the explosive charges, then spoke to Disraeli.

  • Disraeli: Thank you, my young friend. Now, please come with me. You and your sibling have been summoned.
Operation Westminster

Jacob, Evie and Disraeli with Queen Victoria

Jacob, Evie, and Disraeli met with the Queen outside her carriage.

  • Queen Victoria: Approach. You have honored us with your loyalty and courage. Long may we strengthen the Empire together!
  • Jacob: Your Majesty. We will always work to ensure the safety of the people.
  • Evie: But with the greatest respect, our philosophy forbids us from assisting with the expansion of the Empire. Perhaps, ma'am, you could consider putting an end to your imperialist desires?
  • Queen Victoria: I understand and respect your position, bound as you are by your Creed. You will indulge me one final time and receive these gifts. Goodbye and may God bless the noble Fryes!

Jacob and Evie bowed, then the Queen and Disraeli departed in the carriage.

  • Jacob: I don't suppose you'll be offered any more cake.


Jacob or Evie eliminated the remaining Templars at the House of Parliament and prevented the last explosives from detonating, successfully ending the upstart Templars' threat.


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