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Operation: Dynamite Boat was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob and Evie are tasked by Queen Victoria to stop a dangerous plot led by a surviving faction of Templars.


Jacob and Evie met with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

  • Queen Victoria: Hello, my newly honored friends.
  • Jacob: Your Majesty.
  • Queen Victoria: We understand that with Crawford Starrick gone, a certain secret society finds itself searching for leadership. An upstart faction seeks to enter London and seize power.
  • Evie: Do you feel your life is in danger, ma'am?
  • Queen Victoria: No. Rather, I fear that the people of this grand city may suffer. I call upon you to foil this traitorous plot.
  • Evie: You can depend on us.
  • Queen Victoria: You will meet my loyal aide at the docks for instructions. Your work begins immediately.

Jacob or Evie met Alfred Fleming by the River Thames.

  • Fleming: I am Alfred Fleming. I run her Majesty's secret service. First things first, we need to clear the area of anything that might alarm the enemy. Like that police carriage. Would you kindly dispose of it?

Jacob or Evie drove the police carriage out of the area, then met again with Fleming and his agents.

  • Fleming: Good work. Now. My agents are here, disguised as civilians. Get them into position for our ambush. A ship will soon arrive from Boston. Its cargo, dynamite. Its crew, Templar. What say you to greeting it with an ambush?
  • Jacob: I'd say we're going to be very good friends.
  • Evie: If we must, we must.

The Templar ship arrived and Jacob or Evie engaged in killing the Templars.

  • Jacob: Now!
  • Evie: Come on! Let's have them!

After the ambush, Fleming spotted a Templar running away.

  • Fleming: That's their leader! I want him brought to me at the station. Alive!

Jacob or Evie pursued the Templar leader and kidnapped him.

  • Jacob: I don't suppose you'd care to confess?
  • Evie: Would you care to tell me your plans?
  • Templar: Go to hell.
  • Jacob: Fair enough.
  • Evie: Now, now.
  • Templar: Starrick may be dead and gone, but the Templar Order will never die! We will rise again, like a phoenix from the ashes, and bring the world to its knees!
  • Jacob: Not exactly Grand Master material, are you?
  • Evie: Yes, well. Best of luck with that.

Jacob or Evie delivered the Templar leader to Fleming's carriage.

  • Fleming: Thank you. I'll carry on from here. My people are recovering their explosive cargo. You did fine work today. I will have a chat with our distinguished guest here to see what schemes he and his friends are brewing.
  • Jacob: Do get in touch when he spills his guts.
  • Evie: Do let me know if he says anything interesting.
  • Fleming: Of course.


Jacob or Evie prevented a Templar ship from smuggling its dynamite cargo, and successfully captured the leader of operations.


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