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Operation: Drive for Lives was a virtual representation of one of Jacob and Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Queen Victoria tasked Jacob or Evie with recapturing the escaped Templar leader.


Jacob or Evie met the Queen in the garden at Buckingham Palace.

  • Queen Victoria: Our much lamented husband adored these gardens. He called them "his one safe port" in the midst of the mad seas of this world. We miss him dearly. But never mind all that. To business. Our mister Fleming has learned from the Templar prisoner that an attack is imminent. But before we could learn more, he escaped custody. He is believed to be hiding in Westminster. Recapture him for us, that we might learn his secrets.
  • Jacob: Slippery devil. I'll find him, ma'am.
  • Evie: He won't be free for long, ma'am, I promise.

Jacob or Evie located the Templar leader driving a carriage.

  • Jacob: That's it, lead me to the rest of your group...
  • Evie: You will have to rendezvous with your fellow conspirators soon enough.

Jacob or Evie followed the Templar leader to Victoria Station.

  • Leader: Explosives ready to go?
  • Templar 1: All in this here carriage. What took you so long?
  • Leader: Temporary setback, nothing more!
  • Templar 1: Got yourself pinched, did you?
  • Leader: Shut it, you balmy mug! I'm going on ahead to scout the location. Bring these explosives to the safe house and wait for my signal.
  • Templar 1: Yes, sir.

The Templar leader drove off.

  • Jacob: Damn. I need to get these explosives away from the civilians... I'll deal with the Templar later.
  • Evie: Too many innocents nearby. I'll snatch away the explosives before continuing the hunt.

Jacob or Evie hijacked the carriage containing the explosives, but a Templar came and ignited them.

  • Templar 2: If we can't blow up a building, we'll just have to settle for blowing up an Assassin!

Jacob or Evie quickly drove the carriage to a safe area.

  • Jacob: I'm getting fed up with these bomb-crazed Templars.
  • Evie: Too close. I need to put an end to these upstart Templars. And quickly.

Jacob or Evie escaped the carriage before it detonated.


The Templar leader escaped, but Jacob or Evie prevented a carriage of explosives from detonating near civilians.


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