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One Good Deed was a virtual representation of one of Evie Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Evie visited Southwark to see how the borough was faring after Jacob had killed Pearl Attaway.


Evie observed as a group of Blighters surrounded a man.

  • Bayley: I will not build a single bus for you criminals!
  • Blighter 1: Oh, you'll do as we say, Bayley, or we're gonna have to pay you and your family a visit.
  • Bayley: You leave them be!

Evie jumped down and distracted the Blighters.

  • Evie: Hey!

Bayley drove away in his cart.

  • Blighter 1: After him!

Evie commandeered a carriage and defended the man from the pursuing Blighters. She then took the reins of his carriage and drove towards the local omnibus factory.

  • Evie: Take deep breaths. They're gone.
  • Bayley: Not for long. They'll hurt my kids, they'll...

The man babbled.

ACS S6 One Good Deed 4

Evie driving Bayley's carriage

  • Evie: Tell me why you've got the Blighters after you.
  • Bayley: The city's been turned upside down since Attaway Transport and the Millner Company went belly-up. With no one to fill their shoes, the gangs made their move.
  • Evie: Well done, Jacob.
  • Bayley: As Ed Bayley, the only omnibus builder in the city, they are demanding that I work for them. I know good men who want to form a united transport company. What it is they say in America? "For the people, by the people"? That is our intention for the London General Omnibus Company. But those thugs got hold of the deed to Attaway Transport. We need it to begin our company.
  • Evie: Mr. Bayley, I am Ms. Frye. Consider me an ally to your cause.

Evie dismounted the carriage and infiltrated the factory, where she stole the deed from a gang leader. She then returned to Bayley and his associates.

  • Evie: I sent Roth's men a message. You and your family are safe.

Evie gave the deed to Bayley.

ACS S6 One Good Deed 7

Bayley receiving the deed from Evie

  • Bayley: Ah, you are bloomin' brilliant!

Bayley pointed to his associates.

  • Bayley: The founding members of the London General Omnibus Company. Good, moral men, all of them. We'll have buses rolling before you know it.

Evie shook hands with Bayley.

  • Bayley: Thank you, Ms. Frye.
  • Evie: My pleasure.


Evie helped Edward Bayley and his associates found the London General Omnibus Company, ending the Blighters' control over the transport sector.



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