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One Bad Apple was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The healer Praxilla asks Bayek to help her investigate disturbing reports coming from Asklepieion in Balagrae. Are Flavius and the Oracle's Relic involved?


Bayek visited Praxilla in Theramenes' Clinic.

  • Bayek: How is our brave widow?
  • Praxilla: Good, as you can see.
  • Bayek: Small victories and joys like these. We take them where we can.
  • Praxilla: Bayek, Flavius was here. But that is not the worst of it. Mothers and wives of the Temple are sick and wailing in the streets. Their pleas to see their loved ones unanswered.
  • Bayek: Since Flavius came? It cannot be coincidence.
  • Praxilla: No. Can you speak to my friend Crios? He is a water bearer at the temple. My task is the priestess Melitta. She is overzealous, but I cannot believe she would prey on the sick and dying.
  • Bayek: Be wary. I will return here when I've spoken to Crios.

Bayek reached the Asklepieion, and found it guarded. Upon making his way into the main hall, he found a group of votives and offerings on the floor.

  • Bayek: They believe that if they give Asclepius these votives, he will heal them.

Bayek reached the second floor and saw Crios standing on a table, staring at the wall.

  • Bayek: Crios? What has Flavius done to you?
  • Crios: (Incoherent Mumbling)

Crios fell and Bayek caught him, laying him on the floor, holding him still as Crios convulsed.

  • Bayek: Wake up! Where is Flavius? Where is he?!

Crios reared up and grabbed at Bayek.

  • Crios: Fly away home, crow!

Bayek startled up, letting Crios fall, the man convulsing again before falling still.

  • Bayek: Another life spat on by that roman shit-eater.
  • Crios: Whispers... whispers...
  • Bayek: What's that?
  • Crios: Melitta, the viper of the staff...
  • Bayek: The priestess?
  • Crios: No, no my lord Flavius, please...

Bayek carried Crios out of the temple and brought him to Praxilla's clinic.

  • Bayek: Praxilla! Praxilla!
  • Woman: Stop your screeching, the sick need their rest.
  • Bayek: Praxilla!

Bayek laid Crios down.

  • Woman: Alright, alright, just keep your voice down. She left to speak to the priestess.
  • Crios: No! The priestess... a snake in the apple... she has them, she keeps them hidden... lies in whispers... secrets... shrouded. Her shrine of whispers.
  • Woman: Is this poor witless thing your doing?
  • Bayek: Did Praxilla tell you where she was going?
  • Woman: The mountains... but...
  • Bayek: Look to this man, he needs help. I will find this Shrine of Whispers.

Bayek made his way to the mountains north of Balagrae. After some searching, he found a group of soldiers guarding an entrance to a cave. He eliminated the soldiers and entered the cave.

  • Bayek: A secret in the mountains. I pray Praxilla and the others are alright.

Within the mountain, he found the natural cave giving way to a manmade shrine, and saw Praxilla tied up in front of a statue of the Greek goddess Hekate, with Melitta and her soldiers in the area.

  • Melitta: You should be grateful, you serve Rome now. And the work will be over soon. We must know its secrets, don't you see, Praxilla? It is simply progress. A marriage of science and magic.
  • Praxilla: You are nothing but Flavius' pawn.
  • Melitta: How unimaginative you are. But why would you understand the will of Gods? This sacred object, it's a thing of wonder and terror.

Bayek attacked Melitta and her guards.

  • Melitta: Call off your rabid dog, Praxilla! Killing me does nothing. Semper Flavium.

Bayek slew Melitta.

  • Praxilla: She was a healer, she makes me ashamed.

Bayek freed Praxilla.

  • Praxilla: The priestess, she was torturing these people.

They freed the prisoners from their cages, and they fled. Bayek escorted Praxilla out of the shrine.

  • Praxilla: I would burn this place to ashes if I could.
    There is terrible evil here, Bayek. I am terrified for the fate of my Cyrenaica.
  • Bayek: Melitta was mad.
  • Praxilla: That relic, the one Flavius used at the farm. He used it here.
  • Bayek: When I found Crios, I knew. I could feel it clawing, digging in my mind.
  • Praxilla: That is what it does, insidious like a parasite. Control men's minds and make us slaves.
  • Bayek: Our fates are our own, Praxilla, we will always fight for that.

They reached the outside, following the freed men.

  • Bayek: Melitta could not be saved.
  • Praxilla: After what she did? I would have slit her throat myself. Thank you, for me, for Balagrae, it is more than I would have asked.
  • Bayek: And that is why I give it freely, while freedom still means something.
  • Praxilla: Don't you ever get sick of saying so many good byes?
  • Bayek: Part of me, yes. But it is part of the journey and on it I find those who give me hope. Your land will not die, Praxilla. You are its healer, its protector, its Medjay.
  • Praxilla: Now is our time to emerge from the madness, Bayek of Siwa.


Bayek found Crios and brought him back to the clinic. He then sought out the Shrine of Whispers, where he assassinated Melitta and freed Praxilla and the other prisoners.


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