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"There is a legend among my people. It tells of how the land under our feet was born, and how good and evil came into this world. The Sky Woman scattered her wisdom throughout our land. If you follow her path, you shall learn the true history of our people... and perhaps even uncover the reward locked within this cave... If you are the hero I believe you to be."
―Onatah to Shay Cormac, 1757.[src]

Onatah speaking with Shay

Onatah was the clan mother of the Oneida village of Orenda during the mid-18th century.


In 1757, the Assassin Kesegowaase sent his men to take the village hostage. With Onatah held hostage, the Oneida would not take the risk of further assisting the British. At the same time, Kesegowaase's men also interrogated the villagers about the ancient set of armor stored in Orenda.

To the village's fortune, the Templar Shay Cormac eliminated Kesegowaase's men and freed the hostages, wishing to gather allies in anticipation of the Assassin's attack on Albany. Following this, Onatah thanked Shay and told him that he had the gratitude of the Oneida.

She informed him about the Oneida legend of the Sky Woman, who spread her wisdom around the world. Onatah told Shay that he could acquire the armor if he followed the Sky Woman's path, believing the Templar to be a hero. The two then bid each other farewell.


  • Onatah narrated the story of the Sky Woman in the Animus Database.