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On the Origin of Syrup was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob questioned Richard Owen to learn who was behind the production of Starrick's Soothing Syrup.


Jacob found Charles Darwin arguing with Owen.

  • Owen: Mr. Darwin! You and I may not agree, but I have never done you wrong, sir! Never, I say!
  • Darwin: Mr. Owen, you are truly the most insufferable fellow I have ever had the misfortune to count among my acquaintances! Mr. Dickens was right: Foul weather wouldn't know where to have you!
  • Owen: Foul weather- Bah! I have always been convinced that existing influences were responsible for the ordained birth of species!
  • Darwin: Let me remind you, sir, that you have accused me of abusing science, yet you are making my very ears bleed!
  • Owen: You wound me, sir!
  • Darwin: Will you, Mr. Owen, for once in your miserable life, tell the truth and admit your guilt in this matter?!
  • Owen: I have told you before, sir, I had nothing to do with that anonymous article! Nothing, I say!
On The Origin of Syrup 01

Owen entering his carriage

As Owen prepared to enter his carriage and close the door, Darwin stopped him.

  • Darwin: That is a lie, sir, and you know it!
  • Owen: Bah! I don't have time for this nonsense!
  • Darwin: Nonsense? It is my name and reputation you have willfully besmirched, sir! My very name!
  • Owen: Bah!

Owen shut the door to his carriage.

  • Owen: Drive, damn you! Drive!
  • Driver: Yah!
On The Origin of Syrup 05

Jacob chasing Owen's carriage

Darwin grabbed the door handle, tearing it off as the carriage drove away.

  • Darwin: That is Richard Owen! A vile, despicable wretch of a man!
  • Jacob: Really? I could have sworn you were close friends.
  • Darwin: Mr. Owen works at the asylum. He will know who made the Syrup! Get him! Get him!
    Now would be a good time to act, wouldn't you agree?
    He's getting away!

Jacob chased after Owen's carriage.

  • Owen: Faster, you nitwit! Faster!
    Careful, you fool!
    Who taught you how to drive?!
    Help! Help!
On The Origin of Syrup 06

Jacob hijacking Owen's carriage

Jacob took control of Owen's carriage and began damaging it to frighten the latter.

  • Owen: Whatever Darwin is paying you, it's not worth it. Do you realize how much trouble you're in?
  • Jacob: None at all?
  • Owen: Bah! If you're trying to intimidate me, ruffian, you're wasting your time!
  • Jacob: I've always wondered how much of a beating this type of vehicle could take. I just have a few questions for you, sir.
  • Owen: Whatever it is Darwin wants, I will not give in!
  • Jacob: What about Starrick's Soothing Syrup?
  • Owen: Soothing Syrup? Why would a scientist have any interest in panaceas?
  • Jacob: I wager your life, Mr. Owen, that you know something.
  • Owen: Stop! I'm telling you, I do not know a thing! I swear! Nor am I involved - or have I ever been involved - with anyone selling that patent medicine!
  • Jacob: There may be some truth to that, but you do know who created it. Tell me!
  • Owen: I will not utter a word on the matter! I am a gentleman, sir, and I-
  • Jacob: Next stop: The River Thames! Better speak now, old man!
  • Owen: Stop! For pity's sake! Stop, and I will tell you everything I know!
On The Origin of Syrup 07

Jacob bringing the wrecked carriage to a halt

Jacob stopped the carriage.

  • Owen: Dr. Elliotson! Dr. John Elliotson! He formulated the elixir! He is the man you want! Not me! I beg you, good sir, stop this madness!
  • Jacob: Now... Was that so hard?
  • Owen: Yes!


Jacob learned from Owen that John Elliotson had created the Soothing Syrup.



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