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On the Hunt was a virtual representation of one of Alonzo Batilla's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Having traveled his way to Havana, Alonzo set out to take on bigger and better challenges.


Under the cover of night, Alonzo met up with Samuel Bellamy.

  • Alonzo: You left me to die, Sam!
  • Bellamy: I am sorry, Alonzo... the galleon was getting away... I will requite your sacrifice, I swear!
  • Alonzo: ...How?
  • Bellamy: We're going after Laurens Prins!... The wealthiest slaver to sail these waters!
  • Alonzo: Freeing slaves and looting gold... what's in it for Black Sam?
  • Bellamy: ...A prize I have searched for on all the ships we attacked...
  • Alonzo: A prince's bounty... What is it?
  • Bellamy: Find the route Prins aims to take... and you will have your answer. The route is a well-kept secret... only a single Havana merchant knows it!
  • Alonzo: I'll set a course for Havana... I'll find your merchant!

Alonzo set sail towards Havana, weaving past merchant ships as he went. Eventually, he came to a blockade of Spanish warships.


Alonzo encountering the blockade

  • Jumao: We cannot get past these ships!... There must be another path into the harbor...
  • Alonzo: With so many enemies around us, we'll have to be inconspicuous. We won't be able to pick a fight!
  • Aaminah: A hard thing to achieve for some men...

Alonzo took another route to locate an opening into Havana's harbor, but came upon numerous naval mines.

  • Jumao: Careful, captain... This is a floating minefield!

Alonzo successfully avoided the mines, but came across sentry ships.

  • Jumao: Those sentries will raise the alarm, Alonzo... avoid them!

Alonzo managed to avoid the sentries, but more ships remained in his path.

  • Jumao: We are clear for now... but beware of the other sentinels!

Alonzo carefully navigated his way around the remaining ships, eventually reaching the harbor.

  • Alonzo: How am I supposed to find one merchant in this armada?
  • Jumao: Use your spyglass, Alonzo!

Merchant ships docked at the harbor

Alonzo scanned the docked vessels, eventually locating Captain Barnes, the merchant he was looking for.

  • Alonzo: Here you are, you little sneak!

Alonzo sailed his way over to the merchant.

  • Barnes: Who are you?... What is your purpose?!
  • Alonzo: I want to know Prins' route, you dog!
  • Barnes: You?!... You made it alive?!
  • Alonzo: But you will not... unless you give me the slaver's route!
  • Barnes: You'd kill an unarmed man?... Have you no honor, man?
  • Alonzo: A pirate with honor... Do you want to take that chance?
  • Barnes: No!... Here it is... but please... spare me!
  • Alonzo: I shall... your blood is not worthy of my blade.

Captain Hume's ship came into sight.


Captain Hume's ship appearing on the horizon

Alonzo decided to tail Hume to see what he was up to, remaining undetected as he went. Soon, Hume pulled up alongside another ship, and Alonzo remained out of sight via a nearby cliff face.

  • Hume: I have come as you requested, sir.

Laureano de Torres y Ayala began to speak.

  • Laureano: The pirate fleet has crippled our trade and evaded our justice for too long. If we want this province to rise to serve its true purpose... their leader has to be eradicated!
  • Hume: His current position has come to my knowledge, governor... My brigs are on their way...
  • Laureano: Good... this time the Prince of Pirates shall embark upon his eternal rest.
  • Hume: Yes, Grand Master. I will not disappoint...
  • Laureano: May the Father of Understanding guide you.
  • Alonzo: They've decided this day will be Sam's last! I have to warn him!

Alonzo sped over to Bellamy's position, encountering mines and rogue winds along the way. As he apporached his friend, Jumao called out.

  • Jumao: Cowards! They're about to spring their trap!

Sailing back and forth to engage five sets of ships, Alonzo managed to defend Bellamy from any harm.

  • Jumao: Alonzo!... That cursed English captain has followed us!
  • Alonzo: This time, we fight!... I'll send him straight to hell!
  • Hume: This time, you die, scum!

Alonzo managed to sink Captain Hume's frigate.

  • Bellamy: You saved my life, Alonzo!... I knew there was more than greed in that pirate's chest!
  • Alonzo: ...A heart of gold, my friend.
  • Bellamy: Those men who want me dead have made the doom of pirates their personal ministry!
  • Alonzo: Idealists, Sam... just like you.
  • Bellamy: But their ideals are rotten! Look around you, Alonzo. We pirates are the last of the free men... Slaves, soldiers, citizens... all subjects to kings, Gods and merchant princes!
  • Alonzo: Now that we hold the map to Prins' route, no-one will govern us!
  • Bellamy: Aye! We'll capture Prins' ship... and you'll finally get your answers!


While initially a venture to discover Bellamy's recklessness, Alonzo agreed to help the pirate steal the naval route of the wealthy slaver Laurens Prins' ship, having navigated into Havana's harbor to do so despite tense infiltration.

Upon doing so however, Alonzo spotted Captain Hume and decided to follow him, unbeknowingly discovering the latter's affiliation to the Templar Order and the plot to ambush and eliminate Bellamy. Racing back in time, Alonzo rescued his friend, even going so far as to sink Hume's frigate in the process.


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