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On the Attack was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus 2.03.


With the den in Galata protected from the Byzantine Templar attack, Ezio Auditore headed out in search of Yusuf Tazim who had planned to defend the Grand Bazaar den.


Ezio crossed the Golden Horn and arrived at the port, north of the Imperial District. Upon noticing Ezio, Yusuf called out to him while being surrounded by Byzantine soldiers.

  • Yusuf: Ezio! Come meet my new friends!

Ezio and Yusuf deal with the attackers together.

  • Yusuf: You fight like a man late for his own wedding.
  • Ezio:(Yes), by about twenty-five years.
  • Yusuf: I was too late to save the Bazaar den, unfortunately. But now that my army has doubled in size, we'll take it back together. This way.

Ezio and Yusuf moved towards the Templar-controlled den.

  • Yusuf: When the Templars take control of a district, they flaunt their presence, hanging banners, extorting the merchants. It's a constant battle to keep them at bay, and they rub our noses in every victory.
  • Ezio: They are quite bold. Why does the Sultan tolerate this?
  • Yusuf: Sultan Bayezid is far away, Ezio. Warring with his son Selim many fersah (leagues) northwest of the city. He has been away for years, at least since the earthquake, and maybe even before. He is blind to all this turmoil.
  • Ezio: Ah, but your eyes are open,(yes)?
  • Yusuf: Hem de fal tashi gibi. (Like two full moons.) Believe it.

On their way Yusuf and Ezio encountered a group of Byzantine guards.

On the attack 4

Yusuf preparing to distract the Byzantine guards

  • Yusuf: Too many to engage directly.
  • Ezio: Hmm, I am not confident a smoke bomb will help us here.
  • Yusuf: Smoke bomb? Ezio, it's time you Italians joined the sixteenth century. These do not obscure, they distract.

Yusuf hurled a bomb at the opposite direction. The Byzantine guards moved from their posts to investigate the noise.

  • Yusuf: You see? They can't resist. Let's move.
  • Ezio: You are full of surprises today.
  • Yusuf: Crafting explosives is a new hobby, one we borrowed from the Chinese and have taken to with great passion.
  • Ezio: You will have to teach me.
  • Yusuf: Who is the Mentor here, Ezio? I'm beginning to wonder.

Ezio and Yusuf encountered more Byzantine guards.

  • Yusuf: Your turn. Make me proud.

Yusuf handed a bomb to Ezio suggesting to distract the guards.

  • Yusuf: There they go. Hurry. We're nearly there.

They arrived at a rooftop opposite to the Templar-occupied den.

On the attack 14

Ezio igniting the signal fire

  • Yusuf: This is another of our many dens. Taken by Templars, as you can see. Somewhere among this rabble is a Templar captain. Kill him, then climb the tower and light our signal fire. This warns the Templars that it is time to pack up and go.
  • Ezio: Bene. (Good.) You create a distraction. I will send them home.

Yusuf and the Ottoman Assassins cleared the rooftops along with Ezio. With the guards dead, Yusuf and Ezio tried to locate the den's captain.

  • Yusuf: Whenever the Templars commandeer one of our dens, they leave a Captain in charge. Search the area carefully, and you might see him strutting about like a peacock. Use those legendary senses of yours, Ezio, and scan the streets. You'll find our target.

Ezio used his Eagle Sense to identify the Captain. With the target in sight, Ezio assassinated him, freeing the den from Templar control.


With Ezio's assistance, Yusuf Tazim and the Ottoman Assassins took back a den controlled by the Byzantine Templars.



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