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On Johnson's Trail was a virtual representation of one of Ratonhnhaké:ton's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Connor made his way to Boston in hopes of finding a way to stop William Johnson, who planned to buy the land on which his village stood.


  • Connor: These are troubled times. The already uneasy alliance between the Crown and its subjects frays. And behind them both the Templars plot, pulling strings and moving pieces. History dictates they seek order through control. But how will they affect it here? Who supports them? And what conspiracies have they already spun? All these things I must determine, for only by knowing my enemy can I hope to stop them.

Achilles joined Connor in the manor's basement.

ACIII-JohnsonTrail 1

Achilles with the rope dart

  • Achilles: Connor. Spare a moment?
  • Connor: Of course.
  • Achilles: Have a look.
  • Connor: What is it?
  • Achilles: A Sheng Biao - or rope dart, if you prefer. One of the many plans given to us by Shao Jun to -

Connor threw the dart into a wall.

  • Connor: Sorry.
  • Achilles: Hmmm. We'll have to work on this.

There was a knocking on the door.

  • Connor: Kanen'tó:kon.
  • Kanen'tó:kon: Yes, my friend.
  • Connor: What brings you here? Is the village alright?
  • Kanen'tó:kon: For now.
  • Connor: What do you mean? What has happened?
  • Kanen'tó:kon: Men came, claiming we had to leave. They said that the land was being sold and that the Confederacy had consented. We sent an envoy, but they would not listen.
  • Connor: You must refuse!
ACIII-JohnsonTrail 3

Connor concerned about his village

  • Kanen'tó:kon: We cannot oppose the sachem. But you are right as well. We cannot give up our home.
  • Connor: You have a name? Do you know who is responsible?
  • Kanen'tó:kon: He is called William Johnson.
  • Connor: Where is Johnson now?
  • Kanen'tó:kon: In Boston, making preparations for the sale.
  • Connor: Sale? This is theft.
  • Achilles: Connor, take care. These men are powerful.
  • Connor: What would you have me do? I made a promise to my people.
  • Achilles: If you insist upon this course of action, seek out Sam Adams in Boston. He'll be able to help.

Connor took Kanen'tó:kon's axe and buried it in a post in front of the house.

  • Achilles: What have you done?!
  • Connor: When my people go to war, a hatchet is buried into a post to signify its start. When the threat is ended, the hatchet is removed.
  • Achilles: You could have used a tree!

Connor then traveled to Boston, and sought out Samuel Adams.

ACIII-JohnsonTrail 7

Samuel Adams along with Paul Revere

  • Paul: Look, sanctions and demonstrations won't suffice, Sam. We need to ACT. And I'm talking about more than a sternly worded letter.
  • Samuel: I sympathize with your frustrations, gentlemen. But surely you can understand my reluctance to kick the hornet's nest.
  • Paul: The Tories sting no matter what we do. Might as well make it count.
  • Samuel: Ah, Connor. Hello again. What brings you to Boston?
  • Connor: You.
  • Samuel: Would you excuse us fellows?

Samuel and Connor started walking.

  • Samuel: Thank you. That conversation was about to turn unpleasant. Now, what can I do for you?
  • Connor: I was hoping you could help me locate William Johnson.
  • Samuel: Of course. I'm headed to a meeting with some men who should be able to help. Why don't you come along? It's good to see the people finally taking a stand against injustice...
  • Connor: Says the man who owns a slave.
  • Samuel: Who, Surry? I practice what I preach, my friend. She's not a slave, but a freed woman... At least on paper. Men's minds are not so easily turned. It is a tragedy that for all our progress, still we cling to such barbarism.
  • Connor: Then speak out against it.
  • Samuel: We must focus first on defending our rights. When this is done, we'll have the luxury of addressing these other matters.
  • Connor: You speak as though your condition is equal to that of the slaves. It is not.
  • Samuel: Tell that to my neighbor - who was compelled to quarter British troops. Or to my friend who's store was closed because he displeased the Crown. The people here are no freer than Surry.
  • Connor: You offer excuses instead of solutions. All people should be equal and not in turns.
  • Samuel: It's in turns or not at all. We must compromise Connor however painful that may be. Try and solve all the world's problems at the same time you'll wind up solving none at all.
ACIII-JohnsonTrail 9

Samuel and Connor watching the attack

They then came across a man having an argument with a British taxman.

  • Stephane: Hey, it's my home no matter what you thieves called 'taxmen' say! If the gumps in Parliament, who want my property, you tell them to sail across the pond and take it themselves!
  • Taxman: It's not open for discussion! Now open this door or these men will break it down!

Stephane then threw the contents of his chamberpot down at the taxman.

  • Redcoat: Bollocks! We're coming in!
  • Samuel: I trust the mounting evidence is proof enough, Connor.
  • Connor: Continue on. I shall meet you at our destination.

Connor then defended Stephane Chapheau from the Redcoats.

  • Stephane: Justice for once. I dare the Governor to send more.
  • Connor: You alright?
  • Stephane: I'm fine. It's not my first dance. For all their teeth and claws these little foxes, they fight like puppies. Thank you, my friend. I'd buy you an ale, but I'm expected somewhere else.

Connor then made his way to the meeting.

  • Samuel: Connor! I'd like you to meet some like-minded friends. The owner of this fine establishment, William Molineux and the manager and chef of his newest venure, Stephane Chapheau.
  • Stephane: Ah, Connor and I just had a ball with some Redcoats enforcing some taxmen outside my home!
  • William: The collectors grow bolder and more forceful. Something we must address, Samuel.
  • Samuel: Then let us raise a banner. Something to let the people know that they are not alone. The docks are an angry place of late, protesters picketing the latest shipments of British tea. The eyes of the city are upon that stage...
  • Stephane: A Bostonian without his tea is a dangerous beast!
ACIII-JohnsonTrail 13

William Molineux with the sample of the tea

  • William: William Johnson is smuggling the tea off the ships - one of his men tried to sell me this. A sample of what I refused, but it's from those ships - no mistaking the stamp. He's charging a King's ransom, must be he's making a mint off those who buy it.
  • Connor: Where is he now?
  • William: I've never met the man.
  • Samuel: May I ask why you seek him, Connor?
  • Connor: He intends to purchase the land upon which my village stands without the consent of my people.
  • Samuel: No doubt the revenue from his little smuggling endeavor is financing the acquisition. A tax enforced on tea grants a boon to smugglers. I'll wager the same men who levy the taxes are selling the tea. A stage requires a spectacle and I may know the play. Connor, head back to the docks and see to the destruction of the tea. If you should need us return here.
  • Stephane: Allo, Connor. That tea is being illegally smuggled all around Boston by Johnson's men. If you see any crates in transit, perhaps you could put a stop to the delivery. And those maudits (damned) tax collectors are still at it. They could use a lesson or two eh?

Outside, Connor bumped into a tax enforcer.

  • Connor: Pardon me.
  • Taxman: Aw, come on, mate.

The taxman dropped his tea, after which he ran away. Connor then made his way to the docks and blew up the crates with tea.


Connor destroyed the smuggled tea, starting the liberation of Boston and damaging William Johnson's income.



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