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The Omnibus was a predecessor of the modern bus in Europe during the 19th century.


In 1868, London saw the rise of two notable omnibus companies: the Millner Company, set up by Malcolm Millner, and Attaway Transport, headed by Pearl Attaway. These caught the attention of the British Assassin Jacob Frye as he sought to bring down Templar-influence in the city. The Grand Master of the Templar Order at the time, Crawford Starrick, was using the Millner Company to limit its competitor, the Attaway Transport.[1]

Jacob's interference led to the demise of both of the companies, as well as their owners. His sister, Evie, came to the rescue of one Edward Bayley, a businessman, politician, and an omnibus manufacturer. Edward Bayley introduced Evie to the founding members of the London General Omnibus Company, promising to provide proper public transport.[2]


  • The Omnibus took its name from the sign of the hatter in front of whose shop the first ones stopped in Nantes, France, in 1823. The sign read "Omnes Omnibus", a play on the hatter's name, Omnés, and Latin: omnes means 'all', omnibus means 'for all'.



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