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Omega Team is a clandestine task force that operates within Abstergo Industries and the greater Templar Order that answered directly to Alan Rikkin. Used by Rikkin to bring about "endings", Omega Team was a secret kept from even the Inner Sanctum itself.[1]

In October 2016, Rikkin was using Omega Team to monitor the newest of the Sanctum's nine members, Professor Simon Hathaway, who was researching Rikkin's Sword of Eden which had once been in the possession of the eminent and influential 14th century Templar leader Jacques de Molay. Rikkin was keen to avoid Hathaway uncovering too much about de Molay, wanting to ensure that the future of the Order was one that followed his vision rather than, as he saw it, de Molay's idealised, weak approach that led to his execution. However, the professor managed to evade Rikkin's efforts and in presenting his findings to the Inner Sanctum in London began to inspire some of them to re-evaluate the way the Templars operated in the present day.[1]

Afterwards, Rikkin instructed Omega Team to continue observing Hathaway and was considering enacting a contingency plan known as "Double Epsilon" against the whole Sanctum if needs be but he was preoccupied by events in Madrid which held his attention. As a result, Omega Team was left on stand-by to await further instructions until Rikkin's return from Spain.[1]

Rikkin, however, was not back in the British capital for long as it was there where he was assassinated by Callum Lynch in front of the gathered Council of Elders at the Grand Templar Hall.[2]




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